Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 El estero

Costa Rica, Guanacaste

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Por ceholli , 02-02-2008

Tropicana - OK, Tamarindo is not a great surfing only destination. The waves are crowded and infested with agro locals and beginners with absolutely no idea how to surf. Exactly, what the surf 'schools' are teaching I have not an answer.

However, unlike a lot of Costa Rica there are food and hotel options. Albeit cheezey, some nightlife! We got stuck in Tamarindo for 4 days this year but we made the best of it. We swam across the rivermouth and surfed Playa Grande and stayed at the Tropicana.

The Tropicana was one of the 1st hotels in Tamarindo and we really enjoyed our stay there. The people who worked there along with owners were extremely helpful and approachable. The owners went more than the extra mile including fixing my shades. The rooms were clean, good size with great AC. The pool is huge with free Wi-Fi on the grounds.

Now, I don't dig the surf in Tamarindo but if I go back I will stay with Franco, his wife and the rest of the great crew at Tropicana.

Por toady@hotmail.com , 01-10-2006

Water pollution - This spot is pretty much nothing more than a weak closed out backoff. The river mouth used to have a pretty decent wave there but that was years ago. The river mouth doesnt enter the ocean the same way and there is pure gutless dribble hear. And the water quality due to septic overflow and huge amounts of grading of the hillsides is disgusting. And all the constuction sites around here dump raw sewage into the rain run off and streets from the workers in their temporary housing. Diarea for sure, ear infections, throat, eyes the water is horrible. Walk down the beach to the north about as far as your legs will take you. The water seems a little cleaner..

Por skipjack , 07-08-2006

4 laughs - If you are actually a decent surfer, a ripper ,then I would avoid this place unless you want to surf it on a lark for laughs. If you want to party your brains out this is the spot.
Surfing wise this place is fickle throughout the seasons, I used to live here trust me. I have surfed all its little haunts on awesome days and bad days. The Truth is you are in for weak inconsistent surf most of the time. It is a total friggin' zoo out in the water, with the locals who for the most part surf well and don't like sharing with ignorant american surfers, the hordes of surfschools that take groups of 20+ to the beach with giant yellow and blue foam boards and bob around in the shore break and all the johnny come lately travelling surfers who mostly suck, drop in on everyone, flail about and then wipeout. If you really want your prized possession boards to get the shit dinged out of them this is the spot for you. If you are learning, fair enough it's a perfect spot then.

Por LR , 28-06-2006

Good for Beginners, Partying, etc. - Tamarindo is a great place for beginners. There are a few great surf shops that offer lessons for $20- $50. It is very very easy to find a board to rent for a day,week, or month at a decent price. It's worth it to get started. Locals are friendly and ready to help you learn. Sandy bottom (beach break) is a definite plus! For more advanced surfers (and brave beginners), other nearby beaches like Playa Grande and Witches' Rock are quieter and better. Tamarindo is a great place to learn to surf and party, but watch out for the rowdy and annoying American spring-Breakers! Tamarindo is also very developed (has a Burger King and Business Park coming soon), so if you prefer the more chilled out, less developed spots, Tamarindo is not for you. But I definitely had kick-ass times there and would go back! Oh yeah, and the sunsets are amazing every single night!!

Por anonymous , 18-12-2005

Fun.. -

Por bones , 03-11-2005

tamarindo rocks - i love strong currents and tons of cooks dropping in on me - i'm from NJ...

Por anonymous , 18-10-2005

- if you like a strong current, gettin dropped in on and a million people than surf here

Por anonymous , 18-10-2005

jette - are you guys joking me? this place is ok when its on..but oh yeah throw in about a milliom people into the picture and you have yourself this place...plus there is such a strong current on most swells and winds it seems that you have to constitntaly paddle to the peak..its a bunch of tourist learning to surf area, nothing wrong with people learning but they think that because theyre in fuckin CR they are the shit...if you liek gettin dropped in on this is the place to be folks.

Por mapache , 09-10-2005

- tamarindo is a very touristy spot, lots of tourist and kooks alike on foam and rented longboards, playa grande is a much better break, and is only a 30 minute walk or 10 minute car ride from tamarindo, if you do surf tamarindo expect the normal tourist scene. A better idea than surf tamarindo surrounded by kooks on foamies, is to rent a few ATV's and have the guide take you in the mountains, you'll see monkeys and also one of the most amazing views you will ever find.

Por I love Travis , 20-09-2005

Awesome trip in September - Was there for two weeks at WRSC on Tamarindo. Surfed main playa and playa casitas...both perfect on most days during high tide. Low tide is too shallow, but on good swells the waves are easily 1.5 overhead. Mostly closeouts so cross the river and enjoy the lefts and peelers. All beachbreak so even if you miss one, you wont get too tore up. WRSC is the place to take lessons. Totally recommend them for all levels of surfers. Their instructors are top notch, especially Carlos, Johan, and Pedro. Cant wait to return!

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