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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Costa Rica, Pacific South

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Por Alvaro Gomez , 16-04-2009

amigos de laaurora heredia - nos prestaron tablas y surfeamos toda la tarde del sabado fue genial

Por Anonymous , 10-04-2008

Best sand bars - Esterillos este definatley breaks biggest of all three Esterillos. It is the emptiest beach i have ever seen , saw one surfer there a guy named phil , who was out in surf that was gigantic , so big i didn't see him for an hour....

Por skipjack , 07-08-2006

the spot is sweet - I had a blast at this spot. Just me and a friend, no one else out. When it gets bigger it's kind of creepy, hard to read. I often got the feeling we weren't alone, I think the man in the grey suit may have been lurking because of all the fishing activity.It is deffinately worth surfing though,it can really crank at times. If you don't like crowds check this spot out before its too late. Matapalo is a good spot too, It's just a beach break off the beaten path full of german enviro tourists and dikes, no surfers, the waves are all yours.

Por anonymous , 03-12-2005

surf lessons - up in esterillos este there is a guy who gives great lessons--Philip McKay --especially great with beginning surfers and has about 10 boards to choose from

Por Adabeat , 24-08-2005

Worth Checking Out - Great beach break. Definitely recommend the Coral Ranch hotel - nice rooms, good service, right on the beach. Out of the three Esterillos beaches (Este, Oeste & Central) Central gets the biggest.

Por lawhorne@acsalaska.net , 28-02-2005

Great Spot - This is a fun place to surf and definitely worth checking out anytime you are in the area. I had a blast one morning here on an incoming tide and heard it was even better the day before. This place and Hermosa are the best spots for miles around.

Por anonymous , 08-06-2004

Careful - Thieves murgling around the area season around. If you driving, park it in a hotel or someone you trust or might as well get a gun and start shooting everybody since locals ae part of the mob. Its not a dangerous place but stealing is a hobby here. Better off careful lthan sorry...good surfing and PURA VIDA!

Por anonymous , 09-05-2004

no title - I had just flown in to C.R for the first time back in 98 on the late night and woke up the next morning with some buddies and checked a spot called, pig farms,I looked way out and saw a overhead+ wave with some guy getting the barrel of his life,I WAZ STOKED but my crew waz complaining about how bad they got drilled the days before and ailed me abot goin out there (they were scerrd)so we went to esteriose and comming from the southside of florida i wazent stoked abot surfing what appeird to be waist high crap, so we paddel out the tides change and i had the time of my life ceching everything in sight.... this spot is H.O.T

Por udo2@online.de , 07-05-2004

Brett´s Kitchen - If you are in Esterillos, dont miss to visit Brett. Hes a nice one, good Longboarder and his girls kitchen is pretty perfect.

Por udo2@online.de , 07-05-2004

Brett´s Kitchen - If you are in Esterillos, don´t miss to visit Brett. He´s a nice one, good Longboarder and his girl´s kitchen is pretty perfect.

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