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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Costa Rica

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Por Rainman , 27-04-2005

Mal Pais - Just got back from Mal Pais was there for 9 days, April 15 - 24, what a mess. We got hit with a really big and messy swell all day everyday, too big, I was hoping for something smaller, cleaner, getting through the beach break was exhausting nearly impossible to say the least, double overhead to head high and very consistent and heavy. No chance to get out, especially for us longboarders. I searched too, north and south. At one point I counted 9 layers of waves breaking at the same time. I did score 2 epic rides though. WARNING!!! Tropico Latino getting a ton of break-ins in cars, etc.. 3 vehicles received broken windows in 8 days including one on the Toyota I rented. The ridiclus part is I always leave every car door unlocked, and they still went ahead and smashed the window, how pathetic. They managed to steal the face plate on the radio which I assume is useless, I didn't even think of removing it because it was an old cassette player, the good news is it only cost $60.00 to fix the window and replace the face plate. Also beware of anyone claiming to be repairing something in your bungalow at any lodge, someone claiming to be fixing a toilet at Tropico got someone to leave their room keys with them and cleaned out their safe box. I personally would have questioned that. Still a beautiful place though but way too expensive peak season $120.00 a night and the food isn't that good. Big Ups!!! to RITMO Tropical up the road a bit, awesome food, PIZZA!!! great price bill was under $40.00 everynight, and we ordered the works, appetizers, drinks, etc.. for 4 people. IMPERIAL RULES!!! See you next year CR, Pura Vida.

Por anonymous , 16-04-2005

to kahuna - whats better and cheaper for a month, renting a car or buying one and selling it at the end of the trip? and is it better leaving it open to avoid brake ins?

Por Kahuna , 15-04-2005

to anonymous - Santa Teresa and Playa Carmen offer good surf for beginners with more advanced stuff on the outside break or just down the beach at suck rock to the north or Helena's to the south (a very heavy wave when it's goin off).

Por anonymous , 15-04-2005

- i will be visiting cr in a couple days with my son who just started surfing. what would be the ideal place for him, about 1-2 ft, safe and nice. and the sickest wave for myself, please write back as soon as possible, thanx.

Por Kahuna , 14-04-2005

Mal Pais, Theives and Drugs - Mal Pais is one of surfings emerging secrets. I have a home there. I'm enchanted with the place. I've met surfers, literally, from all over the world. You can find any kind of wave you want within a 20 minute drive, from thick barrels to easy longboard style waves during peak wave season. The down side is thievery. Any thing you leave in your car will get stolen. They will steal your sandles if you leave them on the beach, and will steal stuff from underneath you while your sleeping. It's very annoying. We lost a dear friend to cocaine overdose. We are all very angry at the drug problem. If you're a druggy stay home. If you have the spirit of aloha, we would like to meet you, bring your friends. This place (Mal Pais) is amazing! Kahuna

Por Cheri Royal , 04-04-2005

crooks of costa rica - I want to address the letter from Ace Freely. Whether it's the crooks of Costa Rica or the neuvo rich pirates of Amelia Island, Florida, there are underhanded lowlifes everywhere.I've experienced people who will do anything to profit. It's a hard lesson.People have different values. But wherever I go I have to bring what good I can to the situation.
I have felt anger at people in Costa Rica, and in my home town when they destroyed the island that I live on, with condominiums and concrete.
I'm headed back down south, but now I have an education in living down there.
It's a different culture.
It is also good to hear someone express the truth about the downside of Costa Rica. It is the jungle.
You have to hone your animal instincts.
pura vida

Por stellabrusca@hotmail.com , 29-03-2005

moving to costa rica soon.... - ryan here new jersey east coast slop surfer.
i am interested in the costarican way. i want to pick up and go. pavones, nosara, hermosa.... i love lefts and am planning on a solo trip. i want to backpack, camp, photograph, surf and maybe find some income in the time i am there. i would like to meet the right people when i am there i have done alot of research, but to me its all bout the unknown. i have only destinations in mind. i dream of waking up every morning and surfing. many people take this for granted,i pray for surf up here and when i get it on my only day off i am smitt'n. i love the longboard. anyone with a comment for me would be greatly appreciated. thank you all and enjoi what you have!

Por anonymous , 28-03-2005

Getting around CR - My first trip in CR with my girlfriend Will be spending a month or two between CR & Panama, is it easy to get around to the spots with surfboards by public transport?? OR better to rent some kind of wheels? Also can you surf Witches without having to go through the WRSC tour etc. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers all.

Por cocopipes@aol.com , 26-03-2005

solo female - youll have no probs if you practice common vigilance.but you will get hit on by every gringo surfer.especially being a girl who surfs named sunny.just kidding,costa is so safe youll meet alot of solo travelers.have fun

Por Sunny , 17-03-2005

Solo Female in Costa Rica - I am planning a solo trip to Costa Rica in June. I have heard that for Central America, Costa is fairly safe. Being a female, I am wondering if the same rules apply. Wondering if there are many other girls who have done the same? Or any advice as I plan my trip... I am hoping to meet people along the way and would rather not go through a surf camp if possible. Cheers!

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