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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Costa Rica

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Por rwigestrand@yahoo.com , 19-01-2005

Rain in July? - I'm planning on a trip to CR in July 2005 with my wife. She seeks nice, sunny weather and is a bit sceptical to travel to CR during the rainy season. Can anybody tell us about the usual weather conitions in July? Is it cloudy and rainy all day or is it mostly sunny with some short rainshowers?

Por A good friend of the fowlie Family , 18-01-2005

Dont Buy Land IN Pavones - well all you traveling surfers who might make it down this far,news is danny fowlie is returniung this year,so everyone,,whos into land becarefull,especially from sites like pavones realestate .com run by transplant gringo Bobby Nielson..half the land listed there belongs to 3rd parties like the rancho Mar listing,,that Really belongs to Danny Fowlie..and is listed for $350.000..Danny Purchased 6000 acres in 75,and has all the Original paperwork(catastros)And Alan Weisbecker also,Mr Captn Zero his Sites a Joke..leaves N.Y moves to pavones and now hes mr Real estate..so Know before you Go..

Por andy112980@hotmail.com , 03-01-2005

waves and surfing stuff - Hey guys I live here in costa rica for those longboarders if you want to come, over here there's a couple of nice breaks, you can do it in jaco (kind of crowded but really cheap and safe), boca barranca (not that crowded, is where the rabbit kekai tourn is held at), and also you can do it in hermosa beach just right next to jaco (more consistent waves but stronger drift), for those looking for bigger waves there's places like hermosa, pavones, dominical, zancudo all of them in the central-south pacific, playa negra, avellanas, playa grande and tamarindo this ones are in the north pacific, but if you're looking for world class waves you shold try salsa brava in the caribean coast, also is really easy to find boards for rent or to to buy them over here and any kind of surfing accesories as well,if i can help you in any way just let me know !!! PURA VIDA!!!

Por music93442@hotmail.com , 30-12-2004

Best Way to get from San Jose to Pavones - I will be traveling solo in April to Costa Rica. I need to go straight from San Jose to Pavones and would like info on the best way to do this. I am working with a program that donates laptop computers to school children that can really use them, so I want to drop these off before I travel for surf. Any info you can provide will be appreciated.

Por anonymous , 25-12-2004

- can someone tell me: is it easy to get surfboards and stuff un costa?

Por anonymous , 19-12-2004

- i am going to nicaragua this summer and i wanted to no, if any one has been recently could tell me more about it

Por mike s , 30-11-2004

looking for longboard waves - will be in costa rica in july of 05 with my 3 boys. looking for longboard waves and not a lot of people. any suggestions?

Por sunali@uclink.berkeley.edu , 25-11-2004

surf board rental? - hi we are going to the carribean side. does anyone know where we can rent boards and the aprox. cost or whether we really need to take them. thanks

Por Christian from Venezuela ( panita ) , 03-11-2004

Rancho Grande! Rules - If you ever go to Costa Rica, looking for good and real surfing you have to stay in hermosa beach because this is the more consistent break, always overhead, and if you are looking to spend the less money you can staying in a relly cool place in front of the beach with the best people, you have to go to RANCHO GRANDE, man this place is also the Whole family, Rhonda, Bryant, and the kids, I just spend there a month and I feel like in family, for just 10$ you can have your own room with fent, hot water and outside kitchen to cook your own food. A lot of surfers came to this place from diffrent parts of the world so you can make a group and travel together to surf the difernt spots near the zone.

Por anonymous , 26-10-2004

- wonted to know if anyone or someone has or knows of a cheap phat rental house in costa rica. Looking to rent with two of my bros for a months this summer. Looking mainly in the mal pais area, thanx for the help.c


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