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 Barra de santiago

El Salvador

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Por Alex , 03-06-2010

Surfing Accommodations - There is a great eco friendly resort in Barra de Santiago; beautiful place to stay if you plan to surf here for more than just a day! Website is

Por elder_05 , 09-12-2008

awesome day - my wife and I were picked up by the couple at Capricho Beach house from our main hotel about 45 minutes away. These people are truly great people. Get in touch with them, they will take care of you! Their hotel is small but very comfortable. And the food was amazing, not sure what you were eating bud but the chicken was wicked.

Anyways, the surf was tough that day. I don't know too many people who can ride a 12 foot beach break. My wife and i basically had to play in the whitewater...o well, still would go back in a heartbeat. El Salvadorians are great people. If you stay at a resort please don't be worried about leaving. In fact, i suggest going out and exploring on your own...Go to Capricho Beach House...Lena is amazing!!!

Por tommo , 31-12-2007

Barra de santiago - finally got some waves in 25 th December nice locals guys there are only 3 Nice setting you can camp on the end of the barra ther is a small comedor where you can leave your stuff in the daytime they close at dawn Capriccios Beachhouse charges 7 $ !! for sleeping in a hammock in their Garden and their food is shit

Por tom , 03-02-2007

Barra de santiago - Nice area Nice beach the end of the sandbar might be surfable pointbreak when you got a big swell according to local guys its really good about 4-5 days a year.
though the surf is less than average still worth going there.
The above mentioned place is with 30 $ for a 3bed room (bath room still under construction) overprized.
The food is definetely crap bring your own ! and use he kitchen you ll find good fresh fish and shrimps in town.
if you want a cool boattour in the Laguna got to Town and ask for Don Lito

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