Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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América Central

Location: Caribbean, island in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba
Geographic coordinates: 18 15 N, 77 30 W
Climate: tropical; hot, humid; temperate interior
Terrain: mostly mountains, with narrow, discontinuous coastal plain
Natural hazards: hurricanes (especially July to November)
Environment - current issues: heavy rates of deforestation; coastal waters polluted by industrial waste, sewage, and oil spills; damage to coral reefs; air pollution in Kingston results from vehicle emissions

Ubicación: Caribbean, island in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba
Coordenadas geográficas: 18° 15' N, 77° 30' W
Km de línea costera: 1,022 km km
Clima: tropical; hot, humid; temperate interior
Terreno: mostly mountains, with narrow, discontinuous coastal plain
Cumbres: lowest point: Caribbean Sea 0 m highest point: Blue Mountain Peak 2,256 m
Riesgos naturales: hurricanes (especially July to November)
Moneda: Jamaican dollar (JMD)
Población: 2,780,132 (July 2007 est.)
Lenguas: English, English patois
Capital: Kingston
División administrativa: 14 parishes; Clarendon, Hanover, Kingston, Manchester, Portland, Saint Andrew, Saint Ann, Saint Catherine, Saint Elizabeth, Saint James, Saint Mary, Saint Thomas, Trelawny, Westmoreland

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Surf Equipment Boardshorts Boardshorts Boardshorts Boardshorts Boardshorts Boardshorts
Water temp. 26°C
Air temp. 25°C

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Spots de surf

Spots de surf (13)
Calidad Dirección Tipo Frecu Experiencia
Boston Bay 8 / -
Derecha y izquierda Arrecife de rocas Todos los surfistas
Canon Cave 2 / -
Derecha Arrecife de corales Surfistas con experiencia
Discovery Bay 2 / -
Derecha Rompiente en la punta Surfistas con experiencia
DNA 3 / -
Derecha y izquierda Arrecife de corales Profesionales o Kamikazes...
Kingston - / - Arrecife de corales Todos los surfistas
Lighthouse 11 / -
Derecha y izquierda Arrecife de corales Todos los surfistas
Littles 3 / -
Derecha y izquierda Desembocadura Todos los surfistas
Long bay 4 / -
Derecha y izquierda Rompiente orillera Todos los surfistas
Makka 4 / -
Izquierda Rompiente en la punta Todos los surfistas
Navy Island - / -
Derecha y izquierda Rompiente orillera Todos los surfistas
Peenie Wally 4 / -
Derecha Arrecife de rocas Todos los surfistas
Runaways 2 / -
Derecha y izquierda Arrecife de rocas
Zoo 1 / -
Derecha y izquierda Arrecife de rocas Surfistas con experiencia


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Boston Bay

Boston Bay

Boston Bay



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dorothygrabows avatar
Long bay
By dorothygrabows
Aug 15, 2018
My first session - It was my first day on the surf and the first time I could say I'm serfer. The weather was great , sun shining, light wind, palm shades over the sand beach. It was a long-awaited vacation and I experienced genuine pleasure. The spot is great
SoCaliSurfer avatar
Boston Bay
By SoCaliSurfer
Jan 20, 2008
A week at Boston Bay -

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SoCaliSurfer avatar
Voyage : Boston Bay, Jamaica '08
De SoCaliSurfer
Du 19 janv. 2008 au 25 janv. 2008
Went to Boston Bay and stayed at "The Great Huts" ( on the side of the bay , just steps down to the "Hut's" private beach area on an easy paddle out to the far break.  The first 2 days the waves were on aver


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Por miacarson , 28 may

Dream - very want go to Jamaica, to try surface in ocean on sunrise

Por oceanminded , 20-12-2010

Don't listen to travel blogs - Hi everyone I am writing to contradict some terrible rumours being cirrculated about Jamacia.

Jamaica has waves. From December till about March it is pretty consistent and can be pumping. I have seen them with my own eyes. It costs between $10 and $20 USD to rent a board, but there are no board shops and it's expensive to import. You can rent boards in Boston Bay, the guys are nice and you can reason with them. I highly recommend Jamnesia Surf Club in Bull Bay. Billy Mystic and his family are awesome! The place as a really chill vibe, and it's on a beach that is barely used by locals and is pretty clean.

It's an amazing country. The culture is distinct in flava. The music pulses. The water and people are warm. The food is unbelievable. AND as long as you play by the rules and don't go venturing alone at night in bad areas of town or dark alley ways, you'll be fine.

Someone might beg you some change, but people do that in cities all over the world. You might get ripped off at a road side stand, but most stores in North America rip you off too ($40 for a t-shirt made by a vietnamese baby?). At least here the person who is selling it to you gets the take that money home to feed their kids.

I cannot stress enought how lovely the people are. All you have to do is flash a smile, ask for help, or strike up a conversation, and people are willing to help you. People are really excited to meet people from away.

As a a 26 year, old Canadian female I was terrified when I first found out I was being sent here. But after three months: I go to beaches alone, surf alone, shop alone in Kingston, go to reggae shows alone. I have never even been pick pocketed. I talk to people about what's safe and get the feel for somewhere before I venture off alone. I stay out of sketchy places. I smile at people they help me. Jamaica is rad you should come here.

Traveling you don't always get what you wanted or expected. Things are different in developing coutnries. Try to remember: We are lucky to come to another coutnry, and explore parts of it the resisdents have never had the opportunity to.

Cheers, and I hope you have a wicked trip.

Por Anonymous , 08-06-2010

Negril surfing? - Anyone know if there are waves in or near negril. I'll be there next year and want to surf but were staying in negril and it looks like its a lake. How far is the nearest surf??

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