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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Baja malibu

Mexico, Baja Norte

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Por BM trailer trash local , 16-02-2009

Sewage in the lineup helps keep the crowds down. - We local dirtbaggers don't mind all the crap in the water, since we've got the crappiest attitude in the surfing world anyhow, so don't come here unless you love total crap! Leave your ford's, chevy's, & dodge's at home coz we prefer Toyota tundra's. If you enjoy lying, cheating, stealing, & eating raw sewage then you will fall in love with the BM sh*thole peaks & dirtbag locals!! Welcome to hell!!!

Por Anonymous , 08-12-2008

Tundra Taken - Just surfed there yesterday. Waves were fun and very hollow, uncrowded, water didn't stink. But I was lucky I had a ride to get home in. Someone else got their Tundra stolen. Thief pulled a knife on someones girlfriend, threatened to kill her if she didn't hand over the keys. He threw their dog out the window as he made his escape. She was in tears. Thief was scoping the parking lot by the liquor store early AM in a small black sedan and came back on foot when he saw his opportunity. Everyone suiting up noticed his suspicious behavior. I'll bring a baseball bat next time. If someone pulls a knife it'll be showtime, if they pull a gun they can gladly have my car and my bat.

Por Anonymous , 15-12-2007

Dirty Dirty - I got sick at BM's in December 2002 surfing after a rain. Me and my friend both came down with the same intestinal infection. We were put on a powerful drug, cipro, what they give anthrax patients. I lost 15 pounds and was busted up pretty good for a month. I've surfed the place probably 3 dozen times and still don't feel comfortable there. It's HEAVY!!! Not for beginners. I've never had any problems parking, I always pay the guy by the store.

Por Because I live there. , 10-12-2007

THAT sewage - dude, you got lucky. Some days at BM's are crystal clear, some are not. It's usually a 50/50 shot. Even when it's clear, there's the potential for SOME type of sewage there. There's a pipe that runs from a canyon into the ocean, not far from BM's.

So, you were fortunate this time. I think I can safely assume that you are NOT from San Diego.

Por Anonymous , 03-12-2007

what sewage? - i went out on a solid 3-4 foot day and the water was perfectly clear but a little nipply, of course however i was rocking my 4-3 and probably would've froze in any thing else. plus, noting got stolen

Por Anonymous , 29-11-2007

Turds Galore - Does BM stand for "Baja Malibu" or "Bowel Movement". Last time I was there I couldn't tell the differnce between the floating turds and the TJ bodyboarders. A perfect turd infested wave.

Por BM local , 03-10-2007

Yes, the locals.... - I'm a 16 year old bodyboarder local at Baja Malibu...the thing is that we hate crowded surf and that gringos snake us just because they're older or whatever...first of all, everyone knows that you should respect the locals and even more if you are surfing in another country...so if you snake someone and it happens to be one of the locals at baja m. you will leave un-welcomed and with a bad perspective of baja malibu, but if you let locals get waves, then you can even start great conversations and spend an awesome baja weekend...

It doesn't matter how huge your longboard is whan you are at BM

Soy Mexicano y no hubiera escrito esto si no supiera la que esta pasando en BM

alright...start your hating replies.

Por El Gringo Kid , 19-05-2007

Thump - It's always bigger than it looks from the bluff. The cold water Puerto Escondido. Watch for sewage.

Por Re: 3 messages down , 08-02-2007

I Like better TITS - If this spot has better "TIT" than other spots like Oxnard, then it must be good. I think surf spots should be rated on stuff like tit!

Por La Tuya Misma , 28-12-2006

Al Pirata Mojon - Oye, Payaso...
1- ya sabimos que Mexico no es somos tierra, y no le querimos.
2- tambien no son somos olas, pero las gustan.
3- sopleme
4- darnos un favor y quedate en TU pais, porque es una tasa de bano.

La proxima vez que venir a los Estados Unidos, dejes de cortar mi zacate, o te voy a dar en la madre. Y una mas cosa...APRENDES EL INGLES, MOJADITO!!!

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