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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Mexico, Baja Norte

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Por shark , 22-07-2009

overrated - i dont see y there is the hype about this place, there are huge rocks in the line up, access is a bitch you have to paddle all the way from the bottom of the bay, that is if you can make it past the shore break on the inside. the gate guard at the hotel will not let you through even if you bribe him and even if he did there is no good spot to paddle out through the rocks that form the spot. the wave itself is at best sketchy with big boils and unmakeable sections at all tides and jagged lava rocks that stick up all over the place. this place is a joke. i wouldnt reccomend surfing this place unless u have either a death wish or have an indestructible board.

Por Anonymous , 23-04-2009

Ricky's Place - Calafia can be too wicked...but I like the reef just south of it. There's a tiny little cove with reef on both sides and sand in the middle. If you know Ricky's place (great Margaritas), I surf pretty much right below. A good S wraps nicely into the bay, but with less power than Calafia.

Por Pinto Cup , 29-12-2007

Pinto Cup- The Man, the Myth , the Legend! - Don't try to fool me Gringa! I know you are a stand up surfer! I know that you want to be mas macho like me and rip Calafia on a boog1e board. But I say again to you, go home El Gringa, with your homo surfboard! Ride a sponge like a real man. Everyone knows that I am the king of Calafia, for I am the legendary Pinto Cup from Rosarito Beach! Ha Ha Ha

Por El Gringo , 26-12-2007

I'm a sponger - Just a quicky... Is it cool to boogie board this place? Just curious boys.

Por Pinto Cup , 21-12-2007

El Gringa make me so mad! - ...and another thing! eef I ever meet El Gringa in de water I'm going to heet him over de head with my boogie board. Iy Yi Yi! He make me so mad!

Por Anonymous , 18-12-2007

El Gringa is a LIAR - The real Pinto Cup here. El Gringa sits online and types lies. Try surfing El Gringo instead of sitting at the bar with the boys.

Por Pinto Cup , 16-11-2007

I have a dream. - Everyday morning as I sit on my pit toilet and look at the waves through the hole in the cardboard door, I dream that one day I will be able the finally stand up and surf Calafia like a real surfer. But for now I'll just ride this waterlogged boogie board that I stole from a tourist chick in Rosarito.

Por Anonymous , 08-11-2007

What you doing in Mex? - Who is that guy talking about not surfing because its too dangerous and that its better to be drinking in the bar? Stay at Wind N Sea amigo. Mexico is for men who really charge and surf.

Por El Gringo Kid , 18-08-2007

Picks up Straight Souths - Yeah. I believe you. I've seen it 12+ feet at Calafia and went back to San Diego the same day and to my amazement, Windansea was only 3'-4'.

Por Jason , 18-07-2007

Epic - I took a drive down the coast on that big friday a couple winters back, and on the return stopped at Calafia to get some overpriced food. Fucking epic. 18 to 20 ft, with a few cleanout sets to add death to the apparent destruction. Clean lines all the way in, assuming you survived the mine field. I should've taken a camera. I saw some 25's at BM's earlier that day, just unbelievable. Scariest shit seeing that place so juiced. Anyone who was in baja that day can confirm the validity of this...

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