Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Baja Norte


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Por Anonymous , 26-07-2009

sketchy - i was down around k 38 this weekend and the police pulled us over and held us at gun point for no reason at all besides that we were white. i thought i was going to get shot. we did everything right and tried to blend in as much as possible, and it happened. be very weary of the police!! but besides that the waves were fun.

Por Anonymous , 28-06-2008

Las Gaviotas has been pumping - The last 3 weeks Las Gaviotas has been fantastic. The south swells just keep rolling in. Perfect rights pumping towards the Jetty

Por Anonymous , 24-03-2008

Memorial Day - My friends and I want to hit up Baja Cali for some surf, sun and ... drinking. We're thinking Rosarito. Where should we stay? What should we do? Is it safe? If leaving from San Diego, is it best to rent a car? Share your knowledge. Thanks.

Por Baja Vet , 29-11-2007

Travel Advisory - Beware! Northern Baja is unsafe! Crime has escalated recently in Baja. Traveling american surfers seem to be a favorite target. Well armed, organized groups of corrupt off duty police are preying on gringos. Robberies, carjackings, kidnappings, rapes and shakedowns. Now they are expanding crime spree to american retirees, sportsfishermen and Baja 1000 enthusiasts. See links-
http://cfx.signonsandiego.com/news/mexico/tijuana/20070912-9999-1mi12surfers.html also

Por tomo , 15-07-2007

mexico long stay trip - hows it goin im looking at going to mexico in about a month and staying for a fair while.how long do you think bout 3000 will last and what sort of accom do they offer.was thinking baja norte looks good sppot to sit is it nice around there any help will be a touch cheers

Por tina , 13-05-2007

bajasurfadventures - came across the comment on a trip in august07 about bajasurf and I have to say this is a false statement,they run a tight ship and made all their clients feel at home,about the atvs they have no rentals and there are no hidden fees,if you read there info on there website it explains everything they offer,this guy has to be a kook!

Por ridedub@aol.com , 07-04-2007

Baja Bound - Leaving LA area mid-july of 20 days of baja surfing and camping. email if interested in joining.

Por Anonymous , 21-09-2006

baja surf adventures - Dodgy surf camp, run by crazy Mormon family. Extra hidden cost .. can't bring your own beverages.. the Owner is a wave hog.. promises of ATV or other non-surfing activities not provided. The only good thing is the surf.

Por Anonymous , 08-09-2006

Tuntun - im glad that u guys think that way i was trying to put a new spot but i guess is going to be a secret place still jaja. jk god surf this winter for ensenada ???? yah without crowds iam pruod to be a mexican.

Por KL , 21-06-2006

"Baja Surf Adventures" Camp - Anyone ever taken a trip with these people? It says they've been in business for 15yrs. Just want some feeback before I book with them. Thanks in advance.

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