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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Mexico, Baja Norte

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Por justin eib , 17-01-2008

Eiber - GATORS WENT HUGE. Too big almost, reminded me of the bra boys ours. Unless you wanted to get gouged by the rocks and have a hole in your neck from the impact you were better off at the beachbreak or Todos. This wave requires a big board and big balls. I hope to see one of you guys charge it and photo it. I hope im there to surf it with you. Im thinkinking of leaving my climbing rope so you can repell. Go on a tide going low. It seems to be safer.

Por Jason Mendez , 25-10-2007

blah - The area its in is called Ursula Galvan. My family has a house there, we've been buying lobsters off the boats for years. I've seen this break a few times as a kid and never saw anyone out surfing it -- always dreamed about it though. Granted this was the late 80's early 90's, so that may have had something to do with it. Im amazed to see people actually charge this spot. Just knowing this has somehow vicariously fulfilled a childhood dream. That is f--king awesome!

Por malibu surfer , 01-06-2006

Keep it quit - Gator boy, somebody towed that wave this winter and I didnt see you. What up. Loose your sack.

Por Baja Malibu Local..... , 03-08-2005

Gringo go home - Listen you gringo aloha haoule sum beeyotch, scoot your PWC back up to inland San Clemente, you east of I-5 pueblo dwelling wine sipper. I have been paddling that spot since 84, now you zip around on your motor scooter bike with straps and a tow rope, so weak... Go back to Todos and hang out with your buddy Rod......

Por Cliff dweller , 08-05-2005

It takes a steep swell - It breaks best on a steep swell same as Harrys. The outer cloud break by all the lobster traps is biggest but its musshy. You have to ball up and surf the wave over the boils in front of the cliff. This year sucked, it needs to be 10 ft minimum wich doesnt happen very often with the angle 290+.

Por Monkeyman , 13-03-2005

boats sink - If your using a boat you might get sea sick. just drive.

Por anonymous , 24-11-2004

Ho Hum - More of a novelty surf spot than anything else. Nice cloud break on the outside then comes right in front of the cliff. Sometimes has a really nice barrel right in front of the rocks but a very large majority of the time they pinch. Stoked to hear somebody has surfed it though. But Webmaster is right. The real worry is the wave two points south of this one. Named Harry's after the boat captain who stumbled upon it. It is by far and away the heaviest wave of any in the near vicinity. Been surfing it for the past 4 years. Unfortunately the Sempra Oil Co. has a multi billion dollar project plans to build a Liquid natural Gas plant right on the headlead where this wave exists. Sure to be the death of one of the greatests waves on the west coast. Check out some photos on Surfermag.com and savethewaves.org and please sign the petition on savethewaves...

Por spiderMAN Danny Martin , 20-11-2004

I hear there are real Alligators in the lineup. - They swim up all the way from Salsipuedes and eat anyone who snakes anyone

Por loser , 20-11-2004

sorry about the arrogant message - You are right anonymous. Gators is not Costa Azul. Sorry for the arrogant bad vibes sent. I was having a bad day. Aloha.

Por anonymous , 20-11-2004

Name check - We gave this place the name Gators because we could not get any information by anyone about this wave. An american who lives nearby has seen the cloud break for years but has never seen anyone surf it until we towed it. Webmaster if you have any info that the point is called costa azul or whatever please note it. And the person who goes by the name loser, relax buddy. My gut is you have this wave confused with another wave further south, Ill leave its name unknown until you write back and correct us. That wave is also accessible by a dirt road and boat, yet you can easily paddle that wave. Aloha.

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