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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
¡Disfrute y contribuya!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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Por Anonymous , 14-08-2006

Please stop - Surf spots are ment to be discovered with good people, not read about on the interenet. Please keep your spots to yourself and people you meet, this site will ruin surfing.

Por slshore , 15-06-2006

just got back - this break is fun especially for longboards.
works best on low for rights, and at high tide you get both. can hold BIG waves ( double overhead)
reminds me of old mans at san O. long sweet fun waves.

Por anonimous , 31-05-2006

thanks to matp - to releasing information about the area.i don't know you but this guy calling you a coward for that is an asshole.even with all the information in the net,all the time i go donw to baja,is always empty,except for mush 4 casas and begginers shipwreck.but it's ok i love see people having fun down there.these guy hate too see people out there with the exactly same reason than him:surf and have fun.go live in the moon,if you wanna be all by yourself.this life is a box of unexpected sittuations,some day you may need some help down there from one of the guy's who heard about these spots on the internet,you never know.don't forget:donw there you are a haole too,so peace out.

Por anonimous , 31-05-2006

outter reef surfable? - i was there during a tail of a nw swell,we saw that reef out there in front coyote cal working.we couldn't tell how big it was(6 foot at least)a weekend with not 1 surfer around at 181,except us,we had no binoculars to have a better look to see if there was rocks out there,or to figure the actual size,seemed to be a long paddle(breaks in the midlle of the ocean) out there.we could tell the wave seemed to have great,great shape,and hollow,with long barrels in the first section.the best wave i saw breaking in baja north in 5trips i've done there.i wish i had a litlle boat or a jet ski to go take a closer look.total emptiness.i wish there was "some" crowd there.

Por David Eggars , 02-04-2006

- Where you at MATP? Show yourself.

Por cristobal the gringo , 16-11-2005

stolen shorts - I've been surfing this spot for about 13 years now and I hate the fact that its on the computer. Illbe nice and warn you anyway. If you have 4x4 park on the beach. the indian kids broke my windwing and stole my bloody shorts. not the small toolbox filled with good hand tools. they just want $ for food. They got about30 pesos,and a nug of the best mota thet ever smoked out of the coolest pipe. Idont camp on the beach cuz we have a cabin, bul lots of people have told me they have had wetsuits stolen at night, and carne out of the icechest. They aren't dangerous, just poor and want food. If you ever see a skinny longhaired dude in a shitty brownish 82 toyota missing tint on the passenger windwing come say HIGH!

Por Mike Brenner , 29-08-2005

fun if it's bigger - I went recently 8-27-05 and the place was tons of fun for big boards. Really slow wave reminded me of old man's except better!!! They were chest to overhead and consistent on the swell and they would break right and left. The rights were a good 150yrd ride. Nose riding and hotdogging is easy with waves like that. The tide shifted on us after about 3 hours and the surf died out the next day. If there's a good sized swell and it's high to mid tide then it's fun!!!! Stayed at coyote cal's but next time I'm camping right there on the bluffs. Saw the master shaper of Infinity Surfboards shreding it up in a surf kayak having a hell of a time on good overhead rollers.

Por anonymous , 10-05-2004

no title - well you found matp on the net! this whole site is dedicated to exposing new surf spots. you might want to bitch about it somewhere else

Por anonymous , 07-05-2004

no title - Note to all: MATP is a coward who has released all sorts of information to this site regarding the location of many PNW surf spots. Come on now. Is that what we do? On the internet! I guess he lives at k-181 now and his wife teaches english there. He has insulted the whole community up here just to get a rise, and hey...it worked. Good job Matp. A true hero!

Por Senior Eggars , 19-03-2004


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