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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Punta china

Mexico, Baja Norte

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Por Anonymous , 03-09-2007

On A South? - I was told it would be good on a south.... but got there and it was flat.. (la fonda was shoulder high). Just got back to SD now.... what a waste of tiome, gas, and shock absorber life that was... should have stayed at k 38 or gone a little further to PSJ

Por Anonymous , 26-06-2006

Yes, LNG at Punta China and 4-lane rd to PSJ - I go to Punta San Jose often. Spoke with Victor (owns about 3,000 acres in the PSJ area. He's going to sell to ? to provide the developer ownership to pave a 4-lane road from Punta China (new LNG facility that will wipe out the place) south to the Punta Colonent to provide energy etc to the mega port (larger than Ensenada and LA ports) This will happen in probably 3 to 5 years according to Victor.

Por Jared , 08-06-2006

Punto Santo Thomas stay at the Casita - 300 pesos a night, we fit 3 of us, one on each bed and one on the couch (except I really slept under the stars) Forgot the abuelas name but have them open the restaurant for you. The food is good but kinda pricey, it was about 30 american for dinner for three. Make sure you get the local wine also. very good. The husband of the woman who runs it also can take you out fishing for the day. And Christ, you can't beat the view. Also practice your spanish, no english spoken here.

Por anonimous , 28-05-2006

looks sharky.. - we went on my friend honda acura,got back with a broken muffler because of many rocks on the way, bigger than average from the other dirty roads i've been in baja norte,pta china we surfed the n side of the cliff 21/2 foot realy fun rights for an hour before the strong nw wind blow out.looking s towards the factory we could see the back of what seemed to be something like a right point break,holding good size,but was relatively far far from us. we couldn't go check it out because the factory gate.we try to offer some "propina" to the guy to get in, it but no deal.weeks later back in usa talking whith a older guy from orange county who is not a surfer,he said he was used to go fishing in boat trips to baja,and he said he saw the biggest fucking shark fishing in front puerto/boca sto tomas area,a 20 footer whitey.was whent i told him that was the place i went out on my last baja surf trip...

Por Baja Margie , 27-07-2005

I heard - and don't know if this is accurate or not, but I heard that there will be an LNG terminal (???) built to accomodate the ships down by the factory. I can't find info on this, don't know if this is for loading or unloading or what. Anyone know the scoop? This is a great spot, but we avoid it like the plague during holidays, many people and crazy drivers on that road,many head on collisions cuidado.I wrote about this spot on Bajanomad, but I was banned for campaigning against Bush.

Por anonymous , 13-06-2005

Fishing - Going down to Santo Tomas on Wednesday, fish and surf trip, anyone go out on a panga from there?

Por baja bil , 04-06-2005

Mello place - Surfed here off and on for years. Never crowded. Sometimes fickle, but the fishing is good. Try points to the south also.

Por Travis http://travinator.blogspot.com , 10-05-2005

CEMEX, too - If you keep going a little south on the road, there is a CEMEX facility, where there's a gate and a guy there. He let us walk down into a nice cove below the CEMEX facility with a pretty good long left that was breaking better than punta china on a mid high tide and combi south and west swells. Very fun spot. Nobody but two of us. Crystal clear water. Frickin' beautiful. Worth the two hours of dirt road.

Por rasta , 08-03-2005

nice stop but remote. - once you find your way there, there are a few spots. we went to the south end of the cliffs. near the gate to some installation. there was a little cove with small rights and lefts on either side. looking to the north from there you see one camp/trailer. it was unoccupied at the time. the real gem is the reef break(i wont tell you where) but youll probably find it.
it peaks on the outside about 50 yrds out and barrells/bowls a workable wall for about 30-50 yards. not a beginner wave. wear booties, the urchin pickers in the tidepools should key you to why youll want them.my bro got a 1" spine in his heel coming in. it was 3-5ft and powerful w/ offshores. san miguel was 1-2ft overhead and crowded/blown out that day.
picked up a hitchhiker and took him to his house near the cliffs. he directed us to the spot. watch out for speeding semi trucks on the dirt road. they will run you over.
lotsa fire rings unattended.wait till morning to drive out, dont go out at night you just might get stuck/ lost.
epic when its on, but i wonder how many have actually seen it as good as we did.

Por anonymous , 29-01-2005

great body surfing spot - When you get to the beach there is a little river mouth at the north end and a long rock reef at the south end. the reef is exposed and act like the jetty at the newport wedge. wave at the corner where the reef meets the sand are thumping peaks like the wedge. Better boogie board wave the board surf but ultra fun. Reeeealy cold water.

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