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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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Mexico, Baja Norte

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Por Anonymous , 02-06-2009

- ohhh my...my and my friend got that same sinus infection after surfing staks last year. I was hacking up oysters out of my skull for 4 months at least. Ended up having to get endoscopic sinus surgery myself. Waves were good, but I knew that close to Ensenada had to be the culprit.

Por mexicanos vale verga , 30-09-2008

polluted is an understatement. - ummm...surfed here a couple of times and could never see below my knees as I sat waiting for a wave. The water stinks and makes your eyes burn. That would be the combination of Ensenada sewage and the outpouring of chum from the Cannery (the other name of this break)

So along with sinus infections and hepatitis, you could probably throw in the whole shark thing. I've heard this is the sharkiest spot in northern Baja. I wouldn't know...it's the murkiest water I've ever surfed. Can't claim what ya can't see...

Por Anonymous , 12-09-2008

polluted - surfed stacks last year and got a nasty sinus infection that lasted a month and resisted antibiotics, and my friend that was with me had the same deal. too close to the foul harbor and ensenada sewage.

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