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 Todos santos

Mexico, Baja Norte

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Por Anonymous , 17-01-2009

Todos Run - Anyone gonna make a Todos Run this Weekend?

Por Anonymous , 18-11-2008

hey birdbrain - dude, for someone who talks about renaissance and throws a lot of big words around, you seem to not have a clue about sarcasm when you see it.

I guess the old adage is true...those with the most "booksmarts" have little to no common sense.

Por Anonymous , 10-11-2008

birdbrain - its a thing called perspective, discovered in design around the time of the renaissance... near and far objects....

but then again you probably never get close to any birds

Por Audubon Society of Bird Watchers , 08-11-2008

that's no bird, it's a 747 - there must be something in the water in Mex, because if that wave is 25 feet, that is the biggest bird I've ever seen!!!

I'm gonna call it the "Hussong's Bird", or Birdus Hussongibus.

My favorite Mexican bird is the Brown-breasted Bedthrasher.

Por Anonymous , 27-02-2008

Killers - If you were out at Blacks on Monday the 25th AND catching the biggest sets small to medium Todos is going to be surfable for you. Make sure you go with people who have been before and know what they are doing. Watch the buoys!

Por MG , 22-02-2008

steppin it up?! - Well Ive surfed Blacks at almost max size. A few spots in Maui (Not Jaws) when it was solid. Do I need more experience for Todos? I'll have a team. But is that just to big a step up

Por Anonymous , 11-01-2008

I'm with anonymous - You guys must be retarded you can clearly see the SEAGULL is in the forground!

Por Anonymous , 18-12-2007

Learn something! - Are you in drugs dude?! The bird seems to be bigger because is closer to the camera than the wave. Stupid go to school and learn something!

Por Mr. knuckles , 29-04-2007

Ain't no mud hens in Cushyville - If you think the waves are big, you should see the seagulls. Damn ptaradactyl birds.

Por pubes , 04-04-2007

heavy - my sister surfs this spot. its not that heavy

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