Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Por Greco Surf , 23-11-2010

HEAVY! - Dude, this place gets super super heavy on a lower tide. I was messing around out there with a triple fiberglass stringer softy and it snapped that thing like a tooth pick. Really fun wave. I think most experienced surfers would enjoy it on an offshore day (which is 90% of the time).


Por Anonymous , 13-06-2010

Not bad, but crowded... - This beach closes out some of the time, but does have the odd barrel and makeable wave at other times... But it is super crowded! Rancho santana is bad enough as it overlooks the break, then there's a surf camp very close, and now there's Buena Onda hotel on the scene too. On top of that there are boats that turn up! I'm not sure why, since there are a dozen spots that are as good further up the coast. I'd explore...

Por giantsfoot , 19-04-2010

fun times - Santana is a fun sandbar, generally providing 4 or 5 shifty peaks down the beach and a couple more predominant a-frame peaks at the south end. It doesn't hold a ton of swell though. if it gets to big or too low of a tide it will closeout on an outer reef. You can gain access as described by other posters or by boat. Checkout us out at giantsfoot.com for info on boat charters in the area as well as hotel packages.

Por Anonymous , 04-03-2010

Uncrowded? - Every time I surfed this wave it was super crowded and you had to jockey around people all day to catch just a few close outs. Definitely don't recommend it.

Por jim Alvarez , 17-08-2009

BUENA ONDA IS THE BEST - If you stay near Santana or Popoyo Buena Onda Resort is the best place to stay. Fair prices, good food, nice owners and great location.Phillip and Sara, the owners, are awesome people.

Por missikone , 19-05-2009

Playa Santana - Beautiful, uncrowded spot. There is a new resort called Buena Onda resort, it offers, clean, comfortable and cheap accomodation and also offers surfboard rentals, boat trips to other surf spots, fishing trips, horseriding, yoga and much more! Access through village Limon# then turn off at the buena onda sign and follow the road. The resort is right on the beach, 2min walk to surf! Little piece of paradise!

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