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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Puerto Rico

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Por parag , 03-09-2009

surf trip puerto rico early march 2010 - hey all, just wondering which part of the island gets the most consistent swells in early march. planning on heading down there to avoid the cold nyc water for about 10 days in early march 2010. thanks a lot! --parag

Por Rasta West , 14-07-2009

September surf in PR - September its the beginning of the surf season. We have the north swells coming from the states but most important its the peak of the hurricane season.The official website of the tourist company is www.gotopuertorico.com. there is a lot of good info under the Porta Del Sol slogan. Surf rentals are very easy to find at jobos beach in isabela or in Rincon. I think you need to rent a car to move around. From Isabela To Rincon its a half an hour trip. My advise would be that you should stay in hotel the first couple of day until you find a cheaper place, because these places are everywhere but are hard to find online. Good luck!

Por gabriela_pucciarelli , 07-07-2009

surfing in september - hey guys im planning a trip to puerto rico beginning of september. any tips on where to stay and rent surfboards? (with the airline fees i might not carry my board).

Por Rasta West , 21-04-2009

july surf in PR - During summer time all the swells are coming from Africa (Hurricanes). Your best bet will be the southeast part of the island a town called Patillas and the surf spot its called Inches. Its going to be super crowded thou. If the hurricane or tropical depresion comes thru the north then you can go to Isabela. There's a spot called Shortisland that its only for boogies. Rincon, Aguadilla And Aguada will be flat. This towns have super world class waves from oct to may. I hope this info works for you. Also you have to go to Culebra Island. It was ranked the second best beach in the world by travel channel in 2004. Good luck

Por total Jim , 21-02-2009

going to PR in late july - does anyone where i should stay for waves in summer? ill be on my honey moon and some friends are with us? i bodyboard.

Por Anonymous , 26-08-2008

Good Lefts for Beach Break / Sand Bar? - Where's a good, uncrowded place to catch some decent waves (pref lefts) that are sandbar or beach breaks?

Por Anonymous , 15-12-2007

To stay in Jobos..... - Hey, if you want to stay in the Jobos area go to puertoricosurfreport.com and click on TO STAY. Casazul is a great place steps from the ocean. You'll see every day photos of the area(North West) in that website.

Por Charlotte, Grand Cayman , 03-12-2007

Aguadilla Surf Holiday - We just came back from PR and stayed in Aguadilla - a really quiet, safe little town close to many great surf spots and a short drive from the well known Rincon. For more info on accomodation visit www.pisodelsol.com - Tom & Holly are great hosts.

Por Peter Muhr , 06-11-2007

Places to stay in Arecibo - Visiting Puerto Rico for first time with my wife over Thanksgiving for ten days from San Diego, California. Staying in Arecibo for ten days and wondering about places to stay. Any recommendations on cheap places, and do I need to reserve a place beforehand for Thanksgiving weekend or is it not really celebrated. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. E-mail me direct if you want.

Por surfingpr@inbox.com , 11-04-2007

RE:puerto ricos tha bomb - mmmm let me guess,wilderness or gas chambers? i just bought a house 1.5 miles from jobos(way too crowded,)just before i left PR on march 7th some 15-18 footers rolled through sloppy everywhere but wilderness. by noon there were more than a few broken sticks.of course my foot was in a cast and all i could do was drool.im going back next week, maybe for a month...or at least until it warms up here on the cape.if anyone cares i have a rental on my property in PR. pisodelsol.com

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