Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Blankenberge pier


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Por Anonymous , 13-06-2008

Zegt dat de Stefmeister't éét gezeit - We love surfing, we love our Northsea, who cares what other people think. Yea! your dick is real small when you get in water that's 4°C but hey, surfing when it's snowing is fun too. Even just sitting on my surfboard watching the sun come up from behind the dunes makes me feel real good, and if it feels good, it can never be wrong...

Por DAN , 19-06-2006

suits me fine - all my life i wanted to surf
when i got married i finally learnt.. in Bali of all places
but I live in belgium, not bali and I can honestly say that i love this break at blakenberg
every time i spend a weekend i go to the coast and everytime i check it out at high tide
yes i am disappointed when 50% of the summer time is impossibly flat for me, but when its up i'm in and when i'm in i'm happy and that's what counts
see you there!

Por anonymous , 12-07-2005

.. - man I've been surfing in alaska..and the very south of argentina..believe me..water get's colder than 4°C..and when it's breaks it's way over one meter. So yeah I know what you mean..I know the difference..and every body works better and bends better in boardshorts and suncream. Don't get me wrong much respect for you guys in belgium...I know I would be surfing the same breaks if I lived there. Keep surfing !! be happy with what you get and make the most of it. Peace !!!!

Por anonymous , 10-07-2005

- you're missing the point...
we're happy with what we have even if it's a crummy beachbreak...offcourse it's a million times more fun in warm blue water, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun in cold water
if you would look at the sea which is 4° warm with 1 m clean swell not a single moment you would consider going in, i would rush back home to get my board and wetsuit.

Por anonymous , 30-06-2005

..rica - not only warm weather man, also warm water,about 28°C ..and 35 in the shade. I don't know..I don't think I would give up palmtrees and reefs for this crummy beachbreak along a crummy pier.. but I bet you're doing a good job keep up people's moral hu..? that's right..make 'em believe sloppy coldwater winterbreaks in brown choppy water is better than clean warmwater summerbreaks in crystalclear blue water ..and an offshore breeze.. I just got into my swimshorts and I'm putting on some of suncream on my nose and the back of my legs.. that's how warmwaterjerks surf..man..I wish I could wear one of those wetsuites..they look so cool..urgh?

Por anonymous , 09-05-2005

Surf4TheSoul - respect to us for surfing in the snow and very cold conditions

take that warm weather surfers! haha

Por Joe V, info@boardx.be , 06-05-2005

reply to the odd - the few times our spot is getting a little bigger, is often in stormy freezing conditions. But the more we surf here, the more we enjoy the surf when we're in Indo, Marocco, Fuerte or Costa Rica. Maybe you should try it once an learn again what respect in surfing means!

Por Kevin , 30-01-2005

. - Shut up you
you have no frikkin' idea how hard it is to paddle with the usually strong current and winds, so it's easier just to jump of the pier to get behind the the waves.

Por the odd , 10-06-2004

belgian surf? - i feel sorry for you guys. on picture number one. i can see how belgian surf is so crappy that in order to get a killer rush you need to jump off of the pier, 'cause the waves wont give you anything at all but a cold feeling. might as well just go sandboarding or porn vids or whatever dudes. quit surfing.

Por Bertiemotte@hotmail.com , 18-12-2003

picture of 7 th april - Who took picture number 7 ??
That's me..

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