Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Por Anonymous , 22-05-2016

once upon a time in Belgium - I am thinking about surfing in Belgium in July-August. Any advices regarding the places where I can rent equipment needed and classes for beginner level. I start since zero level, and I have only free Sundays in July-August. The last thing budget is limited. Any tips are more than welcome. Thanks in advance!

Por Anonymous , 29-05-2008

Being there in July - Hey,

Is there any chance that somebody can tell me where can I find some spot to rent surf near to Knokke? surfscool or similar?
Will be there in July.

Por Alvaro , 05-08-2007

- Hi!
Is there any surfer studying in UCL? I'm going to be doing an Erasmus for the hole year (Im from Spain)starting this september and I wondered if I could join somebody to go surfing, show me the best places, tips, etc. It would help me a lot!
Thank you!

Por Anonymous , 11-06-2007

surf season - it s true that surfing months are shifting with changin climate
last three years had july and august great surprise
before it used to be june and septembre
october and november are still good
winter time brings swells who are more powerfull wind more size but more windblown
spring is the last few years not spectacular but with some surprises but long flat spells
water is getting more poluted and more sensible
dredgingworks in ostend brings polluted sand from out of sea
which ain t good
but what s the choice with france 1000km away is far

Por robin , 06-01-2007

August was the bomb! - Yes the water is probably a bit polluted since the Northsea is one of the most used and abused shallow seas in the world. Seems like August is becoming the best month for surfing in Belgium and replacing september.

Por Anonymous , 12-12-2006

- is the water polluted in belguim

Por aloha , 03-04-2006

for agressive locals - if you'r agressive with other,for surfing in belgium,your'stupid;;;; you are not in hawaii or california or indonesia just in belgium..... don't forget it

Por anonymous , 18-02-2006

- 'nd grease your nose and forehead in the winter with something greasy..it helps with that feeling..the same you get when eating 10 icecreams in a row..but this after 4 or 5 duckdives.. but most of all you'll need a heart that's warm for surfing.. and i don't mean " hey I like surfing cuz it's cool nd stuff " , i mean " dude , screw the wind, the crummy waves, the rain and the cold water.. I just gotta surf. ". If you got that you'll be fine.. but if I were you ..i'd go for portugal france spain uk .. just skip this place. ( I'd give both my pinkies to get myself living in a country with surf all year round...and warm water please, cuz i'm sick of all this wetsuite-crap . ..anyone?)

Por anonymous , 01-02-2006

- in winter you have to wear boots, gloves, wetsuit 5-4 mm or more
in summer you can surf in boardshorts when it's sunny or a wetsuit 3-2 mm
but don't come to Belgium if you're planning to come here only for surfing, it's not consistent at all

Por anonymous , 29-01-2006

I got a question - Heey Belgian surfers,,, i used to live in Florida and i surfed... and now i live in europe.... i need to know what size wetsuites you all use for each month... cuuz i wanna go surf in Beglium soo i need to know from the locals... so if somebody would tell me that would be great,... Thanks ..

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