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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Den haan


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Por tho , 23-12-2006

- de haan ruled !!!

Por anonymous , 13-01-2005

- I thought Australians were cool people, apparently the exception makes the rule. The Australians I know are really cool and enthousiastic we surf here in Belgium in (honestly) not the best conditions.
So that idiot who laughs with Belgium and their sloppy waves get out of here and put another shrimp on the barby!

Por benoit.vanden.haute@wanadoo.be , 30-11-2003

the truth about De Haan - hello,
it is time we tell the truth about De Haan, I live here all my life and ride the waves for the past 6 years. And I must say that De Haan is the best spot in the world... a day or 5 a year. We can't choose the time, we have to take the moment. If you are there at the moment, you'll find pictures like the third and fourth.

Por de_kerel80@hotmail.com , 30-11-2003

Ozzy's shut up - Wat is het probleem eigenlijk met die Australiër? Als het hem niet aanstaat, dat hij dan weer naar Australië gaat, é. Verdomme, toch, de freak!

Por berty_ , 28-04-2003

sunday 20 april, De Haan - My best belgian session!! tubes and long perfect waves, sorry, i didn't take any pictures,I was too busy ripping off the long waves (up to +-300 meters!!), thanks mother ocean!!
Hope to see your swell soon, i'll be the first one in the water

Por info@northwave-surfing.be , 31-12-2002

Join the belgian surf & skate pictures contest and win great prices!!! - For the launch of his new website, Northwave-surfing asbl(non profit organization) organize a great pictures contest !! just visit http:www.northwave-surfing.be for more informations!!!! free participation and Great prizes!!!!!!!!!!! just take your camera and click your favorites tricks!!!

Por british bulldog , 23-12-2002

Attention asdf hater - Asdf hater (and most of the other wanker aussies on here), I've read many of your posts on here and have come to the conclusion that you really are a world class fucking wanker. You give Aussies a bad name. Have you ever been over here? I thought not. I'm actually really glad you hate the UK so much. At least that'll mean I won't ever have the misfortune of actually rubbing shoulders with your arrogant, blinkered, nieve ass. And if it is as bad over here as you say it is then why do you aussies keep making your way over here for summer time and time again? I've been to Aus and I fucking hated it. Shity crowded waves, no culture, no music scene, no proper pubs (what kind of poor excuse for a pint is a fucking schooner? You faggots can't drink), and to top that it's full of dopey beer swilling pricks like yourself. No wonder we put your convict lowlife great grandad on that fucking convict ship. Fuck off.

Por asdf hater , 21-12-2002

bertie beatle motte the hoople - Well said, I agree all Australians suck. DONT go near the place, and the surfing paradise building place really has no surf to speak of. You forgot, it is just a short drive the England, another surfing mecca for the well travelled European. Belgium surfing capital of Europe, bring on the crowds and don't forget your rubbers, it gets cold here and you need then if you want to keep warm at night. All the best to you all and merry christmas and a happy new year from the ever so friendly folks at Shark Island, Lighthouse beach and the P

Por Bertiemotte@hotmail.com , 21-12-2002

no title - Hello, I' m a local froma De Haan and I rip of any wave that comes up around here.
I just wanted to tell to the stupid australian who wrote a stupid message that here in Belgium, we have a verry nice surfing spirit (not like in Australia), we surf for fun and not to be good (not like in Australie),We are happy when more surfers arrive whan we are in the water(not like in Australie),and if we want good waves, it only takes 4 hours to find much better waves than yours in the south western France or in the south of England.So I think just like all belgian surfers that we prefer surfing in belgian conditions than in a crowded spot, with unnice people, and with an ugly builded coast(surfers paradise).
So fuck off
I'm relly happy to meet other belgian surfers so e mail me!

Por 1 ft. wave shredder , 13-11-2002

sick - hey bra, been out? There's lines comin' in.

Can't wait to charge this place! Pics are pretty gnarly

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