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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por tomybg@yahoo.com , 19-05-2004

answer to Lee - Sofia is apprx. 500 km. from the sea - best by car, also bus, train, whatever :). there are some good spots but there should be special weather conditions - previous constant wind, or storm, or something :) surf is best in August-September, still there are few good days in the other months. if you wanna surf carry your board, you can also buy one here, but no way to rent. conditions for windsurf and kite are perfect, also you can hire it if you are interested in that sport. if you have more questions, don't hezitate to ask.


Por anonymous , 05-04-2004

Dc - I mean Northeast Turkey

Por anonymous , 05-04-2004

Dc - Whereabouts exactly on the Russian side were there waves?
Looking at the map there should also be surf in NW Turkey- similar aspect to Biarritz. Does anybody know for sure?

Por lee , 17-03-2004

i am coming - HI I am coming to Bulgaria to work in Sophia, and am wondering if i will get chance to get any surfing done. i have had a look at the waves and they look alright.

How far are the beaches from Sophia?
how regularly do they work?
and can i hire boards, or should i bring my own?

thanks guys and see you out back!

Por martin_saeger@web.de , 19-11-2003

bulgaria_coool! - Ich finde, dass Bulgarien einfach ein saugeiles Land ist für solche Sports!Ich war in Sinemorez- war einfach Klasse! Ich empfehle es Euch! Ich bin ein grosser Bulgaria-fan!
Sorry but I speak german only!

Por dancrockett2@hotmail.com , 27-08-2003

DC - Cool as, I love hearing from stoked people. I surfed around the Tuapse region, and checked the coast all the way to novoryssisk (spelt wrong) There was one right point just north of a village called Agoy which seemed to run hollow forever. It was really an intimidating place to surf, and fucking cold! Mail me for more info or if you wanna chat about it. Aloha.

Por melimcc@yahoo.com , 03-07-2003

Boris does surf? - Hi valyab from down unda, so glad you posted. Sorry to have lagged on checking back on this message board. Tell you the truth, i didn't have much hope for a response given the time delays between previous messages. I'd love to collaborate on locating waves on the Chorne More. I've been looking for weather data, searching the web, but haven't really gotten too far in my research. This is my maiden experience with message boarding, so I don't really know the protocol on writing you directly, so just want to let you know that you should feel free to e-mail me. Nadyeeyoosya shcho ye dobri hveelee v tebe. Later dude!

Por valyab@hotkey.net.au , 12-06-2003

G'day from Ukie Surfer in Australia - G'day Ukie surfer from San Diego. Fantastic to hear from you. I live in Victoria, Australia on the West Coast. I also speak, read and write in Ukie. I too have been trying to work out where, when and how to surf on the "Chorne More". Maybe we could work on this jointly ? It would be a total blow-out to surf in the motherland. Yeah ! I don't think crowds will be a huge issue.

Por melimcc@yahoo.com , 08-06-2003

Ukie from Cali - Knew there had to be waves on the Black Sea, DC, your message is pure inspiration. Crazy the historical and personal circumstances that put people in different places, but I'm a surfer in San Diego with Ukrainian roots (and speak, read, write the lingua) who would love to surf in the homeland. I can't imagine the Black Sea coast is going to be overrun by surfers any time soon, so no reason to keep any spots secret now is there? Any help would be truly appreciated. Dyakooyoo!

Por valyab@hotkey.net.au , 06-06-2003

WHERE DID YOU SURF - Where abouts did you surf. What time of year was it ?
How big ? What was the wind ?

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