Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Canary, Fuerte Ventura

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Por Anonymous , 16-01-2008

surfing etiquette - so what would you do if you live here and there was every day a new bunch of smartasses who would paddle around you to sit deeper and take off and then just paddle back out again , paddle around you and take the next wave ?
Or every week a new bunch of kooks who drop in on you or bail their boards in front of you or who try to scratch over the shoulder instead of giving way to the surfer and head into the foam ?

The behaviour of ALL travelling surfers has a huge influence on the way the locals treat them,what comes around ,goes around.

Maybe explain some wave etiquette in a comment here,
beeing a experienced surfer you might help others to become a experienced traveller and better surfer...

Give a smile ,get a smile

Por anonymous , 17-11-2005

Tar Road now to the middle of the north track - Go to Lajares and as you come in on the Corralejo side there is a football ground. Turn right onto the tar road there. Follow it all the way at high speed all the way to Manjanicho fishing village. This is right on the coast right in the middle of the whole north shore track. Not all but most spanish/canarian surfers are not welcoming to any foreigners and have no wish to follow any surfing etiquette, EVEN IF YOU CAN RIP, ARE ON YOUR OWN AND SIT BACK QUIETLY WAITING FOR THE NON SET WAVES. I think if any cocky spanish visit your break then single them out for the some treatment because they are not about to change their behaviour in this lifetime. Habla this...most of the mullet heads really need to put in more time on their surfing and less on their attitudes towards people paying into the tourist industry keeping them in employment.....

Por anonymous , 07-11-2005

Fun but certainly not powerless! - Surfed this at well overhead and there was plenty of power. Lots of fun and easy to paddle out and sit on the shoulder in the channel and get your confidence up (important when you're new to reefs!)

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