Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Punta gorda

Canary, Fuerte Ventura

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Por sponger4life , 04-03-2004

punta - needs big swell to get it goin and the level of surfin is of a high standard so u might not wanna go in wen it is workin


Punta Crowd - We are locals of Punta and now its gettin really crowded,the worst thing are the begginers cause they dont know the heavy current of the spot and they are always in front of the take off zone,but otherwise is a really good wave for tricks like snaps,airs and all that stuff.Its a fun wave when the northshore is oversized,and when the NE wind is too strong as well.

Por Taavi , 20-04-2002

Otional - I think that this spot very rearly gets classic...
I spent 8 months on the island and only once had a really good surf there...What it makes worth to check is that is somewhat sheltered from predominate NE winds and it's rearly crowded....

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