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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Anonymous , 11-01-2012

The guarantee of a good session - There is always good conditions in Fuerteventura, but not always for the gears you are traveling with...
That's why you should pass by Line Up - Ocean Sports Center: we have the latest boards and kites from Naish, F.One and Firewire to rent; and the best is you can SWITCH (from a size to an other, from a brand to an other, even from a sport to an other one).
Check our web site before buying your flight ticket...it's maybe not worth to pay for your own gears...


Hasta luego.

Por Anonymous , 19-12-2008

- my farts are stinking today, much like the photos people throw up here

Por Anonymous , 31-12-2007

? - wondering about the same things as these other guys, how is the surf in january? and temperatures? also im kind new and i dont wanna get in the way, so if someone know a good place/island for new-beginners...?

Por Anonymous , 15-11-2007

surf in canaries island - Hola soy frences.
:-) I'm going in espagna very soon in januray, I want to know what are the water conditions, if it's hot, need a wetsuit...for surfing in january. I'm waithing your comments! Gratias!

Por baptiste kurtz , 07-11-2007

december's crowds - hi !i'm baptiste i'm french ( so i can make a lot of mistakes though i don't want to) and i want to know what islands will be the less crowded during the december's holidays if somebody know... thank you for answering my questions! baptiste

Por Anonymous , 30-09-2007

marianna - hey!i m looking to go to either lanzarote or fuerteventura at mid december..which island is best for begginers?plus does anyone have any suggestions for places to stay and stuff?
thanx..hav fun!

Por rene sutton , 14-08-2007

Canary Islands september ? - Beginner surfer, wanna come to islands in late sept for 1 week, whats the place to be? lanzarote? I need a camp with all included type thing? any suggestions?

Por Anonymous , 27-03-2007

What is the most consistent island? - Hi, I´m moving to canarias, but I need to know what is the island that provides most consistent surf.

Thank you mates

Hola! QUal es la mejor isla para el surf?


Por Anonymous , 13-03-2007

- if you want to llearn how to surf, with the best teacher in fuerteventure check out: canaryislandsurfacademy.com !

Por J , 28-02-2007

Places to stay - Hi, anyone know of some friendly, cheap places to stay on the Canaries in July. Close to surf beaches of course!

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