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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por anonymous , 13-03-2003

LOOKING FOR BARWORK IN TENERIFE - my names gerard (25), live in belfast and im lookin for barwork in tenerife from may-october, 2 years experience, if u come across any e-mail dan1e11e2002@yahoo.com

Por mail@wallis183.fsnet.co.uk , 28-02-2003

Can you help, we're Lookin for some where to stay - Hi my names Ian im from Devon England. Me and a few mates are keen Bodyboarders.We are heading out to the canaries at the beginnning of April. Our plan is to stay out there for a month. I think we all would prefer to stay in Corralejo Fuerteventura or around the fronton area in Gran canaria. If you could help it would be much appreciated. Cheers

Por reinauere@hotmail.com , 12-02-2003

Place to Stay? - Going to Canary's next month. Looking for a place to stay that is relativly inexpensive

Por kkruse-ramey@ardny.com , 03-02-2003

surfing in la gomera?? - friends of mine going to la gomera in october.i'm thinking of joining - but that's depending on the surf possibilities. is there any surfing on that island? where is a good place to surf?? thanks!!!

Por miguelcastelobranco@hotmail.com , 17-12-2002

Swell in the summer - I´m going to Lanza in Augoust and I want to know if there´s waves? Or if i´ts always flat in the summer? Please answer me

Por i00_dan@lector.kth.se , 19-11-2002

where's the wave? - planning a trip to the canary islands, probably to tenerife. going in late november. really wanna surf. how are the waves? and how is tenerife compared to lanzarote or fuerte ventura?
i really appriciate your help
nik the greec

Por Tommy Lee , 23-06-2002

Did you smoke - Hey buddy are you completely stupid or what?
What is the link between your fucking flat in Paris, your coming to Washington and Canary Islands? Plus I dont see the link with surfing...

Por maggy , 23-06-2002

your summer in paris / mine in dc - HI I AM A 23 YEAR OLD french student interning in WASHINGTON DC this summer and am looking for someone who would agree to swap my big apartment in Paris that fits two persions and is in the center of paris, right beside the Champs elysees for an apartemnt or room in dc.please contact me : mgar7@club-internet.fr

Por Name: Jack paddy.mccaughan@ talk21.com , 23-06-2002

Summer????? - Hi, are there any surfable waves in summer. Nothing special, it's just i might be going there in the summer with my parnets and I don't know should I bring my bodyboard.

Por psomniferum@hotmail.com , 05-03-2002

Where to Stay - Hey all. I'll be in Tenerife next month and would like to know which area I should stay in. I need to be as close as possible to surf. How about Santa Cruz? Where are the best areas for surfing? Gracias

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