Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Por Anonymous , 13-07-2010

thor - If you relay want to surf
don't go to estonia ,(it's a place for girls and buzz)
it's a next to small sea (pond)
only messy wind swell.
wind&kite is ok .

Por Anonymous , 21-06-2010

- I've just returned from a weekend in Hiiumaa with my Estonian wife and young son. I had a surf out at RISTNA Point. It was small but fully surfable at about 1/2 to 1 meter faces the wind is a major player as it has to be at least 20 knots from the S/ SW or N/NW to generate waves. Its A granite rock bottom point its a perfect set up but the Baltic Sea is a Sea, not an ocean. Therefore it is hard to produce swell in such a short distance. I have spoken to a lot of locals, everyone windsurfs and kite-boards over here. Which is understandable, as it is the paradise for these surfers. But I came here to surf and it is not really understood properly here. I chose a 5 11" fish to bring over from Australia. It worked well as I was able to get some nice little moves in at on the point. As I said previously, it is fully surfable and I was the only one out:-) The water is cold but it does warm up over the summer months. The water was +12C the weekend I surfed. And it gets a lot warmer depending on the summer temperature, which warms the sea. I know Ristna would get good on its day. I think August-September would be the best time to be here, as I was told it gets very strong SW winds and the sea temperature is still warm enough to surf. This would probably generate more lefts around the point. There are some good inside reefs also here.You can also try VAANA beach near Talinn on the West coast which I surfed also its a shallow beach break lots of paddling here and needs Stong S S/W winds.
In summing up, I really enjoyed surfing out here. It is a beautiful island. If you are over here and if you are a surfer, you might be lucky! Regards, David Finnie (Central Coast - Australia)

Por Anonymous , 29-03-2008

Sometimes. - Waves in Estonia are very low. But spots, where the ships drive
in front, there are some big waves. I'd better go to near some ocean, than to Estonia

Por ruahatu , 29-05-2007

yeah, - definitely, Estonia has some sick surf spots, never gonna compare to the ocean or sumtin like that though but at least for the baltic sea Estonian coast line is worth to suss out because I really believe it has some sick secret spots that rarely break but when they do.... at least it's very exotic to surf ova there and you mite feel like a hero (at least for yourself ;) when you'll find a sick barrel (a shitty one, I reckon..haha) all for yourself as no1 has ever surfed it before .. thats worth it...anyways, never gonna plan a surf trip to these countries, NEVER... All of the places are like -if you happen to be there-.. the real magnet is the nature!

Por bathing ape , 10-04-2007

summer time - can u surf in estonia in summer? or is it too flat? i've heard there are at least some waves in spring and fall?

Por billah_89@hotmail.com , 20-11-2006

GO HERE - this place dudes and dudettes, ITS MAD AWESOME, cept that my little bro jason died there, IT WAS SOO RIGHTEOUS.

Por anonymous , 03-12-2003

estas - esame briedziu tauta
:) vietinis .Telsiai jega !

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