Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 La Grande Plage

France, Basque Country

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Por Mr.Beetroot , 30-09-2013

Fav spot - When the conditions are right, this right is heavenly. And the view of the town from the surf is outstanding. The pictures uploaded here do not reflect the quality of this spot whatsoever.

Por Anonymous , 10-03-2009

quoi - i don't surf (yet!) but i just moved here to au pair and i haven't got any friends...
so anyone here who's interesting and friendly, let me know!
i like travel, parties and rugby... if you were wondering!
cheers guys

Por Anonymous , 27-08-2008

advice - yeah.. try standing up :-)

Por darren Keays , 25-08-2008

South african going to bodyboard - Hi there, im planning on going to Biarritz up to hossegor at the end of September for a month. Any advice I can get and possibilty of good surf? if anyone is interseted in joining me, you are more than welcome.

Por tomasseks , 14-05-2008

Looking to go there - Hi surfer guys:-) how you doing??? I'm looking to go to Biarritz this summer 2008. Can any one tell me what time is best to come for surfing. I'm thinking about end of July or end of August. Then if any one know about some good accomodation for group of 6 people in Biarritz area, can you let me kno please??? My email is

Thanks a lot a take care... Tomas

Por danzointhebowl , 22-02-2007

cold in spring - Last time I was ther april '78, the water was 10 degrees and the air 11, TAKE THE RUBBER!!

Por , 20-02-2007

HELP?? - Hi ppl :) i'm going to the Basque Country to learn how to surf, so I was wondering where is the best place to learn how to surf? could you recomment a surf school? and how much does it cost??

Por Sianinho , 13-02-2007

Wetsuit? - I'm going in April, what kind of suit should I bring? I was there last summer and it was packed, will it be that crowded in April?

Por anonymous , 23-05-2006

- i spent 8 months on this great beach working for quiksilver headquarters in St. jean de luz.. the best way to do it is to rent a car and go down the coast since the RN-10 (National Road 10) runs along the coast.. if you do stop by Biarritz Plage, there is one spot if you look to the left while looking out to the ocean, there is a big rock.. when the swell hits, it bounces off this rock and grinds into a left which connects onto the inside for a pretty long ride.. this spot is called "Le Shining".. watch out for spongers while in france...

Por anonymous , 11-04-2006

going to Biarritz - Hey going to Biarritz in july.How hard is it to hire a van to put our boards in and sleep.can you sleep in your car/van in car parks side of road.thanks

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