Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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France, Brittany North

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Por Anonymous , 13-12-2009

Irregular - Like everying else in Bretagne the best sits next to the worst. One day the waves are awersome (9ft-3m) then the next nothing (1ft...). The waether can be great and nice one day, then the next it is realy crappy. Bretagne is definitely known for lack of consistency.

Por Vince35 , 11-11-2006

good spot - It's a good spot for beginning to practice surf.

Por manick , 07-08-2006

- maybe it's a poor spot but in St malo and around we have not a lot of waves and Longchamp can be a good spot when there isn't wave anywhere !

Por etertrai, a real surfer , 12-06-2006

poor spot - this nt a spot for surfer : this is a spot for tourists or beginners.
don't go there

Por Todo , 30-03-2005

- Hi Yvi, I haven't surfed in saint malo and all around since june 2003, but i hope there's some little magic and cool hidden spots yet like when i surfed there. You're right:Like in many places when there're big and cold conditions only a few guies come, and during the week with not too bad waves you can surf with only 2 or 3 cool surfers.
Bon surf

Por yvi , 04-03-2005

- By the way, keep in mind that you will be alone on good days when it's really cold (like now) and almost flat!!!

if not you'll find a big bunch of surfers hungry to death with who you'll have to share "your" waves!!

I(t's almost never empty during the week and really over crowded on good week ends!!

See ya!!

Por Yvi , 04-03-2005

- Well todo, were you there oat the end of october 2003?? that was crazy!! about 200 guies on close outs like i've never seen except on toads photos of Surfing or Surfer's magazines!!

incredible and crazy people charging although there already was a guy on the wave at least!!

Por Todo , 06-12-2004

shut up - these are men like you that make of a calm place where you can share waves with cool guies, as a fucking spot full of hardcore surfers who came only for 2 hours. Why do you speak about your discoveries on internet ? When you will come next time pearhaps there could have 20 guies, 30 and why not 50 like as many spots. Then you'll probably regret about your easy talk.

Por L'amerloch , 23-10-2004

Death Wish at Garde Guerin - For those with a death wish, check out the rock outcrop near Garde Guerin about 5 mins from Longchamps in direction of Cap Frehel, just behind the Dinard Golf. There's a rock outcrop to the left which you'll see if you stand on the bluff overlooking the small cove at Garde Guerin (to your right with golf course to your back). It only breaks when it gets big. I've taken four waves there, each one could have been my last. Only try it when the tide is high and even then it can suck out leaving you to freefall onto dry rock. If you've never surfed a reef break, I wouldn't even think about it. It's worth a paddle over to watch it break, but think twice before you put your head on the chopping block. Enjoy!

Por l'amerloch , 23-10-2004

Longchamps at 6 ft+ - When Longchamps gets big and often blown out, you might check out the main beach in St. Lunaire. The swell makes its way through the port, cleans up, and can have a nice left/right break on the beach depending on where you line up. High tide only. Enjoy!

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