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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Anonymous , 21-06-2009

agreed - Definitely not Vendée...and quite insulting for the locals. Start by learning about the place and its history...
Vendée starts on the other side of the Loire (i.e South)
Mentionning you are in Vendée is the best way to get yourself kicked out of the water by locals, whether they are fishermen, sailors, kite surfers, etc...

Por Anonymous , 26-06-2008

Loire-Atlantique is not "vendée" - Im very sad to see our department, part of historical brittany, in "vendée".
as a matter of fact "Loire-Atlantique" (44) is not Vendée (85)

Ayrshire in scotland is not in northumberland (england)!

Por Marc , 22-05-2008

Jard su mer - Hi - I'll be in Jard sur mer for a week in August - are there any breaks near there? cheers Marc

Por JB , 09-03-2007

board hire vendee - Does anyone know where you can hire boards in the Vendee?
Especially around Les Sables.

Por ross bowen australia , 28-02-2006

bodysurf breaks Vendee - Going to rent a Gite at La Paree beach this September , so I'd thought I check out any bodysurfing breaks (sand bottom) in the area. Any views ?

Por anonymous , 22-01-2006

la vendée ça tue - 2 m tubul viva 2006

Por www.flamingfist.tk , 27-06-2004

Vendee - I prefer Bretange and Gironde!
The best spots are crowded as hell
Poor consistency.
Nice pitstop though....

Por anonymous , 23-06-2004

Good Surf Shop - Look at Bretignolles Sur Mer ( La Sauzaie's town ) near the town hall there is a very good surfshop named " Atlantic Lezard ", you could rent boards and take surf stage in summer.

Por vendeesurflodge@hotmail.co.uk , 21-03-2004

Vendee surf - I have surfed the vendee and also love it to the extent that my girlfriend and i have opened a surf lodge this will be running from may 2004 until november, b & b prices from £25.00 per person sharing a room.

-mail for details and to book.

Bon surf mes ami's

Laurence and amy

Por seg , 10-02-2004

sweet - vendee area was amazing sweet surf sweet bitches and gd food recomend it to any one. only one bad thing is surf aint to constent there got to get there at a discent time. INSEAD u should make a short trip to st. davids in pembrokshire we have the best surfing beaches and girls . go surf fresh west and manobier

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