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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por vlad , 07-09-2010

What about windsurfing in Madeira? - Hi! My name is Vlad, im from Russia)))

Im going to be in Madeira. Where is god spots for windsurfing? And where is better windsurfcentre for rent an equipment? Pls, answer me on e-mail: vandrosov@npomis.ru

Por Pedro Encarnaçao , 22-07-2010

Information - Hi,
Is there anyone that can inform where are the best spots to make some surf on August. I'll do it with my son and we want regular spots, not for experience ones.
Thank you

Por Pedro Encarnação , 26-06-2010

Surf na Madeira - Olá,
Tenciono ir à madeira na 1ª semana de agosto e gostava de fazer umas surfadas, mas desconheço se há sotes, alguem me pode dar uma ajuda e informação.

abraço e boas ondas!
Pedro Encarnação

Por schoremusik , 18-03-2010

super nice island but grumpy locals - Hi there,
I spend 7 days on Madeira this February. Island is bigger than you think, streets are no problem but still it takes time to get from one spot to the other.
Waves were solid 2-3f but the locals at Ponta de Sol were not very friendly, shouting at a 60 year old tourist lady to stop taking pictures of them during surfing! Poor lady.
Anyway, the people I met were fine but honestly, they somehow didn´t give a shit about where you´re from or why you´re here.

Not my favourite destination Been there, done that.

Cheers from the mainland.

Por Crazy Horse , 04-10-2009

- I plan to visit Madeira spots in december?
Could anybody hellp me with accomodation or car rental?
Any surfshop there, so i can ask guys few things?
Maybe some surfer has some room for rent? do i think right way, that island is pretty small, so i can visit few spots one day, or the roads are very bad, as it looks at google maps?

Big thanks for help in addvance ;)

Por Hélder Marques , 21-01-2009

Aloha Madeira - Boas Madeira.
Com o que li apenas digo que a conduta, humildade e respeito se consegue um bom ambiente e uma boa harmonização.
Contudo na próxima semana vou conhecer a vossa Ilha Magica (não só pelo Surf, mas tb pela gastronomia, paisagens, poncha e por tudo o que a rodeia).

Vou passar uma semana e se possível gostava de apanhar umas ondas (isto se não estiver Gigante, heheh).

Abraços. boas ondas e quem sabe se não nos encontramos.

Se alguém me poder dar umas dicas agradecia...

Hélder Marques (helderjm@gmail.com)

Por Anonymous , 25-09-2007

Madeira surfing for keen but less experienced - Bringing son surfing to Madeira Feb 08. He's 14 small and brave. Sez he can cope with anything up to 8 feet. Usually surf west wales .
Don't want him to die or get too badly cut up . Where do you suggest we go ? Don't say not madeira as I've already booked flights !

Por wim , 06-08-2007

joe berardo is right - hey people stop spilling the beans. and lets keep things to ourself. so we can explore again. without already knowing everything and finding another thousend surfers in the line up i rather sit alone. willing to share with the few that found it as well. nice site this is like the others but they bring in a lot of idiots in our direction (they get nailed anyway hehehe)
i come alone out of respect.
no vanload of donkeys
wait my turn out of respect.
bring no camera out of respect.
try to speak portugese out of respect.
hope i'm welcome probably bring some smoke for the local crew out of respect
see you in the winter.
greetings from wim from planet earth

Por Joe Berardo, Vila - MACHICO , 24-07-2007

Some advice to DONDO??? - who the hell is this guy Dondo??? he's not from here so why is he always adding photos to this site??? why doesn't he add photos from the place he came from??? Keep your photos and the places that you surf to yourself. Don't be a fool...

Por Anonymous , 11-05-2007

Guida Vieira - Sad attitude you little looser.

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