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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por sam111 , 13-10-2017

Thanks to this forum - I really like this forum as this is the place where I get all the info about Surfing.
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Por felipearpex , 23-08-2011

No waves - I am in Rogaland Stavanger already for 3 months and I have been checking the surf occasionally but since I arrive here I couldn`t surf any good waves most of the time windy and small save your money and time if you want to come here to meet some chicks that`s all right but definitely this is not a country for a surf trip or even for a surfer live. Thank god I`am going home!!!!!!!

Por Anonymous , 12-09-2010

- Been living in Stavanger for years. Although sometimes it gets good it is generally the worst place I have ever surfed. Strong northerlies and onshores mess things up most of the year. Spots like Reve will only be surfable at most 10 days of the year, some of the locals are okay but others are total arseholes. Save your money.

Por Anonymous , 22-01-2010

Law? - prohibited?
Due to norwegian environmentalists, surfing is prohibited from the 31.oct-1 april. Surf here and get caught will get you an 800 dollar fine.

Por Anonymous , 30-07-2008

Norway waves - Just returned from Stadlandet,mid North coast of Norway. Surfed awesome waves at Hoddevik until 11pm, water temp around 15-16 degrees.

Por ulisses , 18-06-2008

cheat!!!! - i dont know there is people leave there??hey guys get some nice waves in portugal with some good sun!!!gipsyonthemove.com

Por Scandinavian surfer , 30-01-2008

nice trip? - You willl need PLENTY of time to find the very few gems. Prepare for cold weather, dangerous slippery roads, very short days etc.
Some more potential offshore if You have a steady boat.
Reef structures are generally too uneven to break well and offshore reefs and islets block of big parts of the coast.
Very beautiful place, nice people. If You like some time surfing in the wilderness it's a nice trip.

Por Anonymous , 02-12-2007

i think.... - mate, the coastline is so fragmented that..... no doubt why there aren't many usable spots. check the map- loads of isles and islets and blahblahblah and all rocky and bluff... that you can barely find any cool place. still I believe there should be much more breaks but since the most of it ain't accessible.. deepwater shores, steep coastline.. a lot of rips, cold water, strong undertows.. it all ain't gonna make it a nice place for surfing.

Por Anonymous , 26-11-2007

Waste of time - To suf norway honestly is a waste of time and money....a beer costs an arm and a leg and just travelling expenses are crazy...plus the water is so cold "survival kit" is an understatement...
really if youre planning a surf trip dont especially come to Norway....
rather with the SAME money go to Indo,South Africa, rance, Spain, Portugal...ya know?

Por Anonymous , 11-11-2007

All that coastline and so few surf spots???? - Why with all that coastline are there so few spots? Youd think if england picks up abit of swell Norway would see that too or are the locals just holding out on us? Theres gotta be alot more potential here from what its showing..?

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