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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Foz do lizandro

Portugal, Central Ericeira

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Por seanydee , 02-10-2009

- Have just spent a week surfing along the Ericeira coast and this is a great beach break.
Can get pretty heavy for beginners and the is a strong drift that can drag you north towards the rocks but the surf can be cool even when other, more highly regarded, reefs aren't working.
Was working particularly well 2 hours either side of low tide when I was there.
Give the locals the respect they deserve and you won't have any problems

Por BS , 08-11-2007

Not for begginers? - Weel, I am a begginer and got caught in cross and outgoing rip in mid-high tide. As the waves are a bit beach break it's not easy to learn. Nevertheless, a great spot!

Por Kittens , 23-05-2006

Fun times - Ha Ha how rediculous are the huge (for a girl!) waves and rips! Look like a man now after a week paddling against them currents! So much fun tho. Good bars too. Aparrantly I went to the most boring bar in Ericeira, I must be boring coz i thought it was great! Think it was called Bar Neptune?

Por raquelferreira701@hotmail.com , 07-10-2003

its grate - e um optimo siteo para ir de ferias e curtir as noites com os amigos

Por anonymous , 04-10-2003

epic...2 - oh something else...when checking the spot from the cliff (like the tourist guys on the pic!) keep in mind it's really really bigger than what you think !!!

Por anonymous , 04-10-2003

epic... - went to ericeira this september...this spot is one of the very few beach-break of Ericeira...when a good swell hits and if the wind comes from E, you just have to choose your spot...my advice: try this one! I surfed 2m perfect blue barrels in here, just like the...supertubos pics !!

Por sven.vdd@skynet.be , 08-09-2003

pic. 3 - picture 3 is not foz do lizandro but ribeira d'ilhas with reef in the back

Por h , 27-07-2003

no beginners ! - lizandro is a tough spot, strong tides, not 4 beginners even in summer - take careful look b4 u get in!
(pic 2 not lizandro! fools)

Por Big Sis Reid , 01-05-2003

Amazing 2 - Had my first surf ever on this beach....big mistake. Twisted my ankle, hurt my wrist and nearly took out an eye. Not very cool. Retreated to one of the cafes for some grilled chicken and greasy chips......aaahhh this is mor like it.

Por Penny Reid , 30-04-2003

AMAZING - Have been going to Ericeira all my life for summer holiday. Most beautiful place in the world. Would not be hard compared to Scotland!

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