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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Central Lisboa


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Por ninabs , 19-01-2011

I'm seearching... - for a surfboard, something like a 6.6 evolution with fishtail! i'm living in lisbon, so if anyone has an idea where to get a cheap, maybe 2nd hand board, or someone sell it, pls let me know!

hang loose

Por Anonymous , 22-06-2010

rent a board? - I'm going down to portugal the last week of august for a surf vacation:)
was wondering if there is a place i can rent boards in the cascais area on a weekly basis?


Por michaelford345 , 28-10-2008

Camper van 4 sale - 1994 mecedes benz 410d for sale in lisbon, portugal. good engine runs well, ideal for surf trips and camping as it fully converted with gas cooker double bed cd player internal lights and storage for boards and wetsuits.
Its irish registered with right hand drive READY FOR QUICK SALE AS GOING HOME SOON BARGAIN photos on request

Por Anonymous , 07-02-2008

Reply to info request - (i) rent a car (ii) stay in Cascais, small village, 20 kms from Lisbon, near surf and touristic areas (iii) Begginers surf: 15m from Cascais to Carcavelos - "linha" - throught coast road, if small on "linha" go to Costa da Caparica throught the bridge, if flat on "linha" go to Guincho (10m) or Praia Grande (25m)- nice car drive throught the mountain and less windy - (iv) best surf : Ericeira (45m), nice village, go to Rebeira d'ilhas, very easy and funny wave ; Peninsula of Peniche (1,15h), ugly village but good surf (v) buy a Lisbon tourist guide, please note that from Cascais, by car, you are: 15m from Sintra, 20m from Belém and 30m from Lisbon (vi) the only good place to go out near Cascais it's a disco called Jazzbell in Estoril, all other choices are in Lisbon. Most trendy area in Lisbon it's Bairro Alto, most famous disco it's Lux (vii) if you have time go south throught the coast, it's very nice and warmer, and also good surf (viii) Have fun and enjoy Portugal.

Por Anonymous , 07-01-2008

Info request - Need some help here!I m planning to visit portugal on april with my girlfriend.i m a beginner but i have my own equipment & my girlfriend doesn t surf at all.I d like to combine surfing with tourism cause i don t want my girlfriend to get bored.That s why i d like to visit a place that has surf but it s also beautiful & picturesque & has things to do among surf.any suggestions???so i believe that staying near lisbon would be fine because i could go for walks & nightlife after surfing.should i book a surf camp or an hotel?are there any other than lisbon nice places that i could stay & which?

Por John Bianco , 03-12-2007

Surfing In The Lisbon Area - Reality. For those of you visiting the Lisbon area to surf, stick to the following beaches: Carcavelos, Parede, São Pedro, Guincho, Ericeira (almost all of them) and Peniche (again most of them), south of the bridge, forget it, Costa da Caparica has the worst crapiest waves and crowd, stick with the real surfers and leave the posers to their crap beaches.

Por Anonymous , 13-11-2007

Where is surf school in the Lisboa? - I have heard that in Costa de caparica has a surf school? But do you have any ideas where and if you have a information about it. Is it open now in November and how expencive it is?
I would like to know....

Por stathis@vastdesign.gr , 03-06-2007

Board rental Lisbon - Where can I rent a longboard in Lisbon? Contact me through my email please. Thanx!

Por Anonymous , 19-04-2007

how are the waves in july ? - hi there, i'd like to know how are the waves in july, where are the best spots in the cascais area in this time of the year, etc ...
any information would be great !
thanks ! ALOHA !

Por emmasjoberg5@hotmail.com , 30-03-2007

Lison or Biarritz? - i'm planing to learn how to surf in august. thinking about going to biarritz, but i'm also thinking about lisbon. if you have been there, please tell me what you think!

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