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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Costa da caparica

Portugal, Central Lisboa

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Por Anonymous , 07-07-2013

You can get world class rides here - You can get a world class ride here. Spot is consistent and breaks left and right. It gets really crowded on weekends and even on week days, so try to get on the beach really early or later in the day. You can get the most amazing sunset here while surfing. Locals are OK, just try to say hello when you lineup and keep smiling. Best waves are in the beaches inside the peers. When it goes above 2 meters, there's much less people in the water. Avoid the high tide.

Por Henrik , 27-12-2007

Good winter surf - From November to April this is simply a great spot for surfing, with a big variety of waves. It does however have the worst localism in Portugal with lots of trouble making locals.

Por Anonymous , 27-07-2006

- Anyone that knows the spot: Have you ever experienced strong currents in this spot?

Por Alex , 04-07-2006

board hire - is there somewhere here where we can hire boards?

Por anonymous , 05-02-2005

- My excuses its pic 3 till 7...)

Por anonymous , 03-02-2005

Wicked winter - Used 2 come here every summer... last few years it aint that good... no more beach(sand) and the ocean (july/august) is flat most of the time.. and then this winterday(december) i finally saw some incredible, some sick waves!! Well worth it! (check out the last foto's from nr16 - !)

Por Longbeach , 02-07-2004

Praia do Castelo - Bom sitio para todos os surfistas. Ondas que atingem 1 metro, poderosas, ordenadas, propocionam um bela sessão de surf. Ideal para bodyboards.

Por surfdeluxe , 15-12-2003

SOUL - The mellow waves, the bars, the beautiful girls and the relaxt athmosphere, unforgetable. EWhen you go there, take an old car and don't bring all your belongings, it's to tempting for the locals that actually life in townships at the beach.

Por sangoku , 28-07-2003

good spot for bodyboards! - I've surfed there few days in june 2001. I was on trip in Lisboa (I'm french).
This is a quite good spot. The wave is powerful hollow and very fast. The waves I've surfed were 4 to 6 feet high.
If you have balls, you can make easily aerial on this wave!
But be careful landing can be rude.
Locals are difficults to deal. I've repected priorities but I've been taxed a lot of times!
Anyway it is a good experience and the spot was good.
If you go to Lisboa try this spot!

Por anonymous , 04-04-2003

Cova do Vapor - Try out the only world class quality wave in the Costa da caparica area, Cova do Vapor, be wise and respect the locals cuz they won t respect you anyway, but if you catch Cova early in the morning you might catch the launching pads of you life, careful on the landings it´s a wedgy wave, for body-boarding!In the low tide you can get some sick left barreling tubes, good for surf but still very hollow!It s still kind of a secret spot but easy to find!

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