Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Praia da barra

Portugal, North Beira

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Por Eppo , 05-01-2011

EPPO - O Eppo das fotos, é o André Silva da praia da Barra....não é o Australiano lol

Por Anonymous , 22-09-2008

- too many clowns not enought circuses...shittiest surf of portugal!!!

Por anonymous , 11-05-2006

barbarrans - the locals there are real barbarrans! they eat travelling surfers! if they don´t eat them they keep them as s&m slaves!!!! beware! better go south!

Por Eppo , 11-04-2006

S.Jacinto - you must see to beleave....a wave who nobody knows...just a one year the people know the wave...very consistente..hard to find..but is better you go there if you pass here in barra...

Por edgar , 19-06-2005

be careful - the local surfers are just insane !!!last summer i was really kicked out from the water and my girl was violeted at night!!and there are a lot of gays!!!dont do to opçao bar with shorts you can came out with a new kind of walk!!!

Por anonymous , 06-05-2005

Not so good - I would'nt be giving this three stars, maybe a two at best. Been surfing here for a while now, and the banks are usually crap, but ocasionally it gets good. Better than costa nova though just south of Barra, which is a COMPLETE waste of time. Generally not the best area for surf in portugal, head south.

Por Sara , 09-12-2004

More Pictures Please!! - I reckon more pictures are needed of the Beach Barra in Aveiro... its such a cool beach- if anyone has pictures of this beach in the summer that would be so cool. Im from London and was born in London (U.K) from Portuguese Parents from Aveiro and want to show my friends what Aveiro has to offer!!!

por favor mais fotos ;)

Por vergílio ferreira , 15-06-2004

Wind - Studied in Aveiro for a semester from Sep 02-Jan 03 and didn't get many good days because it was seriously windy most of the time. Very exposed. It's good fun when conditions are right, though.

Por Dean , 03-09-2003

Goes off - Came from Ericeira when it was too big and scored it at 4-5 ft and offshore, nobody else out. Had a ball. Watch out for the jelly fish.

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