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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Praia do norte

Portugal, North Beira

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Por André Figueiredo , 20-11-2007

respect!! - in this sunday i catched a heavy and perfect waves in my mind 6ft glass 4 people in the water what a lefts!!! praia do north sensacional spot!!

Por Miguel , 28-03-2007

Altas ondas! Nunca falham! - Eu já surfei a Praia do Norte com 7 metros e achei um espctáculo. Fui lá com os meus amigos, todas as semanas lá vou para fazer umas filmagens. Aquelas ondas são lindas como a Ana Margarida. I love Praia do Norte!!!!!!

Por CHUFLAX , 14-03-2007

¡Good lives in Nazaré! - I know this is the most powerfull wave in Portugal.When Supertubes is working at 1 m there are possibly 2 m wave in Praia Norte. The "big Zahora power" wave in Portugal.Something like Puerto Escondido but more perfect...

Por sibuco , 21-04-2006

damn, portugeses - this wave is SICK. It looks like puerto or HUGE black's in SD. look at the last couple of pics, this place is ridiculous. a bodyboarders heaven. how the hell is this wave not world famous. Portugal here i come.

Por Serious , 30-03-2006

- BEST SPOT of Portugal!!!

Por albertruss@yahoo.com , 24-11-2005

a spooky spot - Every spot is unique in a way. It's hard to compare but in some way it seemed to me as a combination of Mavericks and Hossegor, or rather a Mavericks beach break. I was there in June 2005 and was very surprised at the size of the swell. Actually, I went there during a peak of a larger swell (quite unusual for summer) and was greeted with 10+ ft surf, rather heavy. From further away, the place seemed easy and perfect but it was much bigger and heavier from up close. I guess it is a place worth visiting in winter, if not for surfing, at least for visual enjoyment. I would like to see the place during an unusually powerfull winter storm accompanied by stiff offshore winds.

Por Renan Rocha , 03-09-2005

The Bigest and powerfull in europe - For sure this are the bigest waves of europe. I have been on the most popular waves, but this one is not famous, but for me they are one of the the most powerfull waves of the planet...i have been there in november 2004, and i have seen 16ft and over...very power. world class, go there, get crazy

Por real , 20-07-2005

oi oi oi - its true though, if that wave was in oz it would be very crowded

Por anonymous , 13-06-2005

- i surfed this when it was about 5.5 meters

Por kamikaze , 05-03-2005

Unrriden realm - Nazaré(praia norte)has been a taboo among the portuguese surf comunity. Everyone knows it exists, everyone knows that is world class, everyone talks about and just a little few ride it...they prefer looking for inexisting waves instead of facing reality . It can handle 20-25ft with classic conditions(i´ve witness that),and due to the lack of a continental platform on the outside(the unique place in portugal where that happens)it produces power easily comparable to hawaian power, with true atlantic ocean waves marching through like hell towards that beach. Very HEAVY place, you need a very strong lung, watch out for the shorebreak, instead of breaking your board it can easily break you in 2 parts(i mean that, just look at photos), DON`T ever, ever go out alone over 9ft and i advise leaving someone at the beach with a celular in cause costguard is needed. Good luck and big balls cause you gonna need it........

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