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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Anonymous , 04-06-2010

wheater in Santander - Hola!
Somedoby knows how's usually the sea temperature at the end of June in Santander?...
it's very cold?
Tks a lot!

Por Lisa , 24-06-2008

- Me and my friends are going to Santander from 17th July for surfing. We'll be happy to share a hired car with somebody to lower expenses.

Por Laura , 20-05-2008

Hey matty! - I'm going surfing to cantabria at the end of july. Never went surfing there although my family is from the area. I'll be back in spain the 10th of july if you wanna meet out send me an e-mail,

Por matty , 25-06-2007

anybody wanna come surf? - I'm going to Bilbao-San sebatstian on 2nd july. got a car and board. but dont know much about the area. I would love to catch up with anybody in the area. I'm from N.Z. and i want some good waves here or in france

Por wizardofozz22@hotmail.com , 15-05-2007

Santander - Gday Angie, I am flying into Bilbao on the 18th of may but am only staying for a few days (leaving on sunday evening). I am thinking of Hiring a car and just cruising but not sure in which direction yet. I will be bodyboarding but if you have your own surf stuff let me know and if I come your way we can catch a few waves together.

Drop me an email if you want


Por Angie , 14-04-2007

Anyone about? - Hi I am in the Santander area and will be around for the next two weeks. Everything seems very quiet, is anyone here? I would like to surf here but I´m just learning and I´m on my own. Where are people hanging out at the moment? It would be nice to see some friendly faces!

Por juliaguenster@hotmail.com , 17-08-2006

Surfcamp - Insider - Hey,
I'm interested in going to a surfcamp in northern Spain around Santander. Just wanna know if anyone of you has made good or bad experiences with one of those camps. Maybe someone can even recommend a camp. I heard that the camp "surfnsoul" is not that bad...
Thanks for your comments!
- Julia

Por JJ , 09-08-2006

this weekend - im going to cantabria this weekend can anyone recommend a good surf spot with a right?

Por deejay , 10-06-2005

Night-life near Loredo? - Hey... flying out to Loredo in N.Spain next week. Any tips for night-life?

Por El sueco , 25-08-2004

weather in oct-nov - Hola! I plan on going to cantabria in end of october. How is the weather? Good for beginners in Somo?

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