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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Lizzie , 28-07-2010

Doñinos y Pantín - He visto que habrá dos eventos en agosto en Pantín y Doñinos, os dejo el link con la info por si os interesa... http://bit.ly/bYlvSz

Por Marilyn , 13-05-2009

seeker surf - New surf camp on Valdovino! Super small, but check www.seekersurfcamp.com
Miguel's shop is in Ferrol providing all surf material for the camp right now, and the camp is also hooked up with Pantin surf school for m-f lesson.

Por Anonymous , 20-10-2008

tablas de surf usadas / Used surfboards - Tablas de surf usadas:
Used surfboards for sale:
Yo vivo en Porto - Portugal, pero las entrego hasta Vigo.
Pónganse en contacto conmigo!

I live at Oporto - Portugal, yet I can deliver it untill Vigo - Spain.
Please contact me!

Por Anonymous , 26-05-2008

Apartments - Hey Anybody knows of a website were I can find apartments to let(not hotels), OR any suggestions of where me and my girl can stay close to Ferrol.

Por Steve , 01-12-2007

Lift shar surf galicia / compartir coche pa ir a la playa - hola, soy profe d ingles en vigo y tengo coche pero no tengo con quien ir pa surfear! si te gustaria mandarme un email; beale.stephen@gmail.com llevo 8 anos surfeando y entonces no seria un fastidio en el agua! puedo ir todas las mañanas y fines de semana, trabajo por la tarde y vivo en el centro de vigo. hasta pronto!
hi there, im a teacher in vigo and am lookin for someone to share lifts to the beach with to go surfing, im a competent surfer and have been surfing for 8 yrs and understand all the rules in the water and would not be a problem to surfwith! send me a n email if u r interested!! i can surf every morning buti work work the afternoons, let me know! thanks

Por Kh.jarrar@gmail.com , 10-04-2007

I am coming to Galicia - hi there,
i am from palestine and i am coming to Galicia
which is the best place to stay in galicia for a single surfer without car. i want to go to galicia from 20 aprile untel 5 may and wonder where i can stay cheaply with as many spots to reach by foot,bike or public
any help is highly appreciated
00970 599 303232

Por Anonymous , 23-08-2006

in response to the truth about galicia....... - hey buddy, that´s just the good way i gotta use to get away the crowd but i´ll response for all those who showed me this beaches, bla bla bla about geology but really didn´t got any f.. idea of what you say, you´ve maybe havent been the right day in the right place, or maybe you don´t have enought time for searching, or maybe your not very mellow to show you the places, try next time..... but i can say i´ve surfed in many places and i´ve had really good surfing there.... and i think there are lots of close outs everywhere man simply maybe you dont go really barrely.....

Por Anonymous , 16-07-2006

I was skunked for 2 weeks in fall - close outs, close outs, no rideable waves. Yes, nice people, lots of Octopus to eat, PULPO PULPO.... La Lanzada was a tease.

Por marc , 21-06-2006

where to go - hi there,
which is the best place to stay in galicia for a single surfer without car. i want to go to galicia whole august and wonder where i can stay cheaply with as many spots to reach by foot,bike or public traffic.foz?ferrol?elswhere? also which are the most reliable/consistents spots?
any help is highly appreciated

Por The Skyman , 25-04-2005

I need a board! - Hi everbody,
I´m here in Galacia in a town called Ribeira. I was just wondering if any of you guys knew of a place where I could rent a board for a few weeks. Thanks for your help.

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