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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Pais Vasco


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Por funky_monkey , 18-07-2013

best land ever!! - Yo! Pais Vasco is the best land in allover the world!I have many friends there, and the people are the nicest you can find in Spain. Respect the locals and everything is ok. Aloha yo all

Por Anonymous , 19-06-2010

Basque country is not Spain nor France - Remember visitor! Freedom for the Basque Country!

Por jasiekleon , 28-01-2008

Request about Feb. - Hi!
I'm going to Pais Vasco in february.Can You give me some informationsa if it'll be possible there in february-which wetsuit should I take or any other stuff(hood,gloves,shoes)thx.

Por radek , 15-07-2007

2 lguigues - just sleep in your coche :-)

Por charlie_v7@hotmail.com , 06-03-2007

zarautz - i will be coming to zarautz on the 30th of march. will a 3/2 wetsuit be warm enough? it's the only wetsuit i've got. and what air temperature can i expect?

Por lguigues@hotmail.com , 13-09-2006

Transaport and place to stay in Mundaka - Hi, I wanted to know what is the cheapest way of leaving of madrid for mundaka, and the a place with a cheap price for a surfer to be.

Por sebastian , 13-09-2006

wetsuite needed in/for s.s.? - Hey,
I just moved to San Sebastian and gonna stay here for the next 6 months and just looking for a wetsuite (springsuite or something thicker) in the basquet area (2nd also okay)!
Do u know some good store to check out like pukas or should I might go to bilbao?
How can I get a 2nd Hand suit here?

keep paddeling

Por paulabeneyto@yahoo.es , 11-09-2006

New business in Pais Vasc - Hi! My boyfriend & I want to start a new business; surf shop in the summer and ski in winter. We don't know how many of this shops are around the pasis vasc and how good?. Can anyone tell us????

Por carlos , 24-08-2006

boards in bilbao - you can buy easily a new or second hand board at the various local shops in sopelana (main surfing beach of Bilbao. Around 300-350 euros a new one, and 180-230 euros a 2nd-handed.

Por anonymous , 16-03-2006

Surf in the Basque Country - From Baiona (under French rule) to Bilbao (in the Spanish side) the Basque Country is the most amazing place for the whole world surfers; good gastronomy, nice people, wonderful landscapes, party and of course, waves, a lot of waves!!! Mundaka, the best left tube in Europe, Getari, Hendaia, Bakio...
I recomend everybody to surf in the Basque coastside!!!

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