Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Playa de gros

Spain, Pais Vasco

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Por picatgino@aol.com , 08-03-2007

Attention beaucoup de vols sur la plage - Je suis allé surfer à Playa de Gros au mois de décembre par une belle journée ensoleillée des vagues de 1 à 1,20 m offshore 20 degrés à l extèrieur, bonne session, quand j'ai aperçu 2 personnes s échapant avec mes affaires sur le dos. Le temps que je sorte de l'eau, il était trop tard. Je suis rentré à bordeaux (plus de 200 Kms) en combinaison. Alors si vous allés surfer là-bas, changez vous à la voiture et gardez votre clef.

Por Anonymous , 17-01-2007

surfing san seb in winter.. - i want to hit up the surf in san seb at the end of jan.. any waves? can i rent a wetsuit and board there? also, any flags or lifeguards around? cheers!

Por NattyDread(daichelavoro@hotmail.it) , 16-11-2006

we - i just got back from a surf trip last week... the weather was awesome... my wetsuit is super-super, i mean that is 5/4 and i felt great... my friend had a 4/3 and he felt great too and another friend of mine tried a shorty on, and he was cold as f**k!! so i would say 4/3 or if you'd like 5/4... i'm comin back to s sebastian for new year... will you be there?

Por Anonymous , 23-10-2006

Fiesta y Olas!!! - Hey!! I visit San Sebastian a few times every year on the journey from the Britany to Pais Vasco. It is a cool town. The surf is good but crowded. Respect the locals and enjoy the parties in the old part of the city. It is on the other side of the river than the surf beach.
Attention. There are a lot of criminals and drugdealers!!
In summertime it is one the famous parts to have a good time. Enjoy it!!




Por Cortxer , 05-01-2006

Go bodyboarding - Go bodyboarding and leave the surfboard at home. If you go bodyboarding, you will be able to fly¡¡¡ Surfing is more boring.

Por anonymous , 03-11-2005

October Report - Surfed here at the end of October 2005. Lots of people in the water, tons of drop-ins and a pretty good wave. It was chest high to a few feet overhead. The swell was wrapping around the breakwater and peeling left nicely. The main peak was packed, but no one would make the first section. Sitting down the beach and waiting for the first ten people to fall and then snag that wave was a good way to go. Also the bigger waves seemed to swing wide and leave me in perfect position for set-waves.
San Sebastian is a cool town. Unlike anyplace I have been before. Its definetly its own culture.

Por adenne@hotmail.com , anders , 05-06-2005

looking for work in San Sebastian - Hello!
I am moving to San Sebastian, becuase i think it is one of the better places in this world.
I'm looking for a job prefferably in surfing, but anything is of interest.
See u in the water!
Anders,,, adenne@hotmail.com

Por C-Doggy-C , 06-10-2004

Pretty Cool trip - Pretty cool. Didn't score EPIC conditions, but we did lock into some fun stuff. Weather was kind of suspect, but oh well, I know what sunshine looks like. As for the locals, just like surfing at home. Some good, some bad, and some just downright ugly. Funny, only attitudes though were coming from ''ability-challenged'' individuals. All in all wasn't bad, and yeah, the woman are beautiful. Love that vino too..........

Por Surf Mont , 27-07-2004

Fun Waves Great Hash and Beer on the Beach - Went to San Sebastian on a couple years ago on surf trip. Had a great time I went in july came back after Semada Grande in Aug. The beaches are very crowded and surfing is the same its strange because 3 out of 30 people in the crowd can surf the rest just get in the way. Coming from Orange County Im used to it though. I only got hassled once I took off inside of some lame local and left him in the whitewash and he got all pissed because he had his head inbetween his legs the whole time. So him and his 4 other dork buddies tried kicking me outa the water my reply was "es la playa para todos" fuck you they did'nt do shit. It's funny because these "locals" are trying to hassle me meanwhile they are all using equipment that comes from southern cali. Quicksilver,Onei'll Al Merrick and others. Anyway there localism is weak feel free to swarm the place haha. I really like the beach though, topless girls everywhere but be carefull cause their saggy grandma will be topless too. The parties well you've heard it before they go off all night. If you like to skateboard too there are some rad hidden concrete bowls and pipes all around town. I would like to go later in the season next time the crowds were pretty gnarly.

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