Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Cornwall West


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Por pinkybansal , 17 jul

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Por kanakgupta , 9 jun

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Por karma , 24-05-2007

karma - dear in the know

how pathetic bringing politics into surfing. As for comparing the cornish revolutionary army to the IRA i suggest you take a long hard look at yourself and those around you who also consider themselves 'in the know'. Glamorizing terrorism and bringing it into a surfing web forum in this day and age! You sad little man.. Well im done
ps im cornish and you my friend are a TW#T

Por In the know;-) , 20-05-2007

Bad attitude is not helpful. - This kind of attitude is only going to cause trouble. To all you north of the Tamar river surfers who share this attitude: You may not have heard of this but there is a terrorist organisation in Cornwall named the Cornish Revolutionary Army, it is backed in a similar fashion to the way the IRA was. Many of these guys surf and particularly far west. There have and are also British Army infantry soldiers involved in training them. This is not to do with surfing as such, it is a political issue, but you may come across one in the water. Drop in with an attitude and the results may not be pleasant.

Por far away from cornwall , 19-04-2007

karma - bassetts cove, the reef down the coastpath between st.ives porthmeor towards sennen, the left off the headland near the castle by marazion on big swells, what about the point behind porthmeor on a big west swell or even hawkes bay...come on guys get down to cornwall and piss these cornish twats off....drop in

Por Anonymous , 13-08-2006

scilly surf - do not go to scilly to surf, it is not worth it. it is expensive to get there, then you need a boat to get to the breaks, then there are strong rips, rocks etc. you'ld be better off jumping on a ryan air flight to biscay... much cheaper and you'll get better waves

Por Piss in your wetsuit... , 04-08-2006

Paisty Pom - When you go to a surf brake, make sure the breaks in your car are working. Wouldn't want to brake anything before you get to surf your local brake. Get my drift?? How much? Where to stay? What are the waves like? You people aren't surfers - you're all tourists who are too fat (and paisty) and lazy to know how to do your own research. If aint on this site, don't ask you drop kicks.

Por craig , 28-03-2006

the scillies - scilly isles? there are some tales of waves. me mate goody brought back some photos of a 1000 yard right hand point break, however every time he went to say where it was he would fall into a deep trance for several hours.

Por Goat Boater , 08-02-2006

RE: scilly isles - I spend a week of my summer bumming around the Islands in a kayak and always hope for some surf. I have never managed to find any surf worth mention over there and local knoledge seems to be a bit thin on the ground (ask around in pubs and you may get "hmmm...... a sand bar formed last winter that cased a break but thats gon now I think" sort of responces) and I can't remember seeing any boards around either (except for windsurfers).

Por , 03-01-2006

scilly isles - anybody know what surfing in the scilly isles is like? or could tell me where is good geet some good info?

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