Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 North Scotland


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Por Anonymous , 20-08-2008

searching for waves - Hi lads I'm searching for a good surfspot between Juli and August and was thinking about Scotland. Could you recommand me something

Por Anonymous , 31-10-2007

Movin to Scotland? - Hey dudes might be moving to Scotland next year for college purposes away from NW Ireland....either way im planning it around waves... Can anyone tell me of a decent uni within proximity to some decent breaks.....

Your advise will be rewarded in the next life
John B

Por , 20-03-2007

going to scotland - Hey there, im an Aussie heading to scotland in May for a few week's,It would be great to hear from some local lads or other travelers looking for waves on the west coast.If anyone can tell me what its like that time of year and how much rubber i'll need that would be good.....Timmy.

Por Nordic , 05-01-2007

Best season? - Hi! Really keen on getting my head inside one of those barrels you have down there. Is the best season really in summertime-Oct. I would have guessed from Sept - Apr? I thought your coastline caught more or less the same swells as we catch in Scandinavia. Thinking about going a week in April, is it worth it? Maybe see you out there. Peace.

Por Sean , 25-06-2006

any accomodation near thurso ? - Does anyone have any info on a holiday let cottage/bungalow or similar for a young family of 4 in or near Thurso ?
Wanted for last week in August ,dad wants to surf , mum and kids ride bikes.Thanks, oh and will a 5/4 suit keep me surfing till my arms hurt?
Saffasurfa , hanging for a saltwater fix

Por , 31-05-2006

Going to Glasgow - Hey Yall, Im headed to Glasgow with nothing on my agenda for 5 days this upcoming weekend. Whats my best bet for surf spots? Is it feasible in a 3/2 or will I wish i was dead.

Por anonymous , 03-10-2005

concerned surfer - Theres a guy by the name of Chris Nobble who is selling out the secret spots in the thurso area for his own glory. Hes a good surfer but will never be famous so hes trying to be famous by being Mr thurso. I think Noble should pull his head in and stop selling out the north coast of scotland. I like it, and alot of other people like it the way it is. We don't want load of english idiots coming up and droppin in and snaking like Noble does. Maybe Noble should fuck off to Cornwall. If you agree tell Noble to his face. Maybe he will wake up out of his dream.

Por , 17-08-2005

McCoy - hey i live in thurso and its true for having one of the best surf spot we have no surfers really, Im going to try though now every1 is skaters or traucers, which means people who do parkour

Por , 25-07-2005

lookin for waves - Whats up? I am from new zealand and am heading up to thurso for 2 weeks early august in seach of some waves. I sure hope to find some so anyone willing to share some info of a secret spot it would be appeciated. You can e mail me or I will be driving a shitty red and white transit so flag me down and we'll go for a pint.

Por eyeball dave , 05-03-2005

cold baws - na diny even bother its flat all the time and cold and spend aw yer money at scanandies the main thing sat n sun nites, as for any breaks west, whoar own your own head be it least u will be able to charge your mobile yourself

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