Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Por cihan , 11-10-2009

- you could check this website for surfing in Turkey. The guys will help you.


Por Anonymous , 05-10-2009

Re: Speculating on a possible surf spot - This is on the Black Sea coast, not far from Istanbul (you've probably already figured this out.)

Any of you out there know of the surf potential in the Black Sea? Looks to get pretty ok in Bulgaria judging by Wannasurfs Bulgaria page. Would imagine that it would get pretty good in the fall as cold fronts march in.

How about the Kas/Kalkan area?

I am moving to Istanbul, want to know whether to bring boards. Do any of you guys who are living in Istanbul ever take trips out to Cyprus? Is this a complete ball-ache, or an easy in-and-out trip that I can do on the cheap for the weekend from Istanbul? Anyone? Anyone?


Por Burak Antikaci , 16-09-2009

Speculating on a possible surf spot - Hi,
I am a Turk began surfing in San Diego, California, and on my way back to Turkiye, whose wishing to continue this great lifestyle no matter where I am. I began looking at some satellite pictures remotely from California, and came across the following picture. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/5854806
The picture has a wave breaking nicely, left rideable, with an offshore breeze (possibly a SW wind) causing it to hold its form. The place is called Sogan Adasi, so any information from the area would be greatly appreciated.

Por Anonymous , 03-03-2008

Waves in Istanbul - Hi anon. I am living here 3.6 years now. And would give anything for my boards from California and equipment. If you find any post here. I am jonesing for surf myself these days. Kilyos is probably the best place that and around Tuzla. Just no swell here... to speak of. :) sndcrtr

Por Anonymous , 09-02-2008

Istanbul surfing - I was just in Kilyos today. Saw some waves that were definately ridable. Better than nothign anyway. I would go in a heart beat, but I left all my gear in CA. Need surfboard/ suit. If anybody know a good way to get some of that stuff let me know. Also any "good spots would be helpful too (around Istanbul).

Por Anonymous , 15-01-2008

this season? - hey, i'm catalan, from barcelona. maybe i'm mooving to live to turkey. I don't care if the wave isn't hollow and clean, but is it possible to ride something, so keep feet and of course, if it is interesting to take my board? In Barcelona there aren't big waves but with wind we can surf some, and some days are excelents! thanks!

Por Anonymous , 27-10-2007

car pooling - Hey I live in Istanbul. I have scored a few waves in the past few weeks but its pretty expensive to hire cars. I do mean surf not wind surf. let me know if anyone is keen. The waves have not been great but heaps better than nothing. cheers

Por Pete , 08-06-2007

clarity - To help you out while you're here I can assure you that there are waves in Turkey and that you can ride them on a board without a sail. This is not to say that there are waves here all the time. I havent seen anything rideable in about 6 months, but last november there were two days with decent thigh/waist high waves breaking cleanly. As is always the case, I was alone and so i only have pictures of myself from arms reach away, but i do have, and will post, pictures of a very small day when I actually had someone who could take a picture while I was rideing. If you're looking for big consistent surf then this isnt the place to be, but if your here, you look hard enough, and you will take any surfing you can get right now then I assure you there a waves in Turkey. Where in Turkey are you?

Por wayangila , 30-05-2007

Confusion - There seems to be some confusion regarding the term "surfing" here. Surfing is, for the purposes of this website, riding waves that break on a surfboard that doesn't have a sail attached to it. Nothing else. Not windsurfing, not skimboarding, and not bodysurfing. Actual surfing. That said, I must debunk these rumors that I'm seeing here-- I am from Turkey, have spent more time than anyone on the Turkish coastlines, and I will be the first to tell you that THERE IS NO SURF IN THIS COUNTRY. I'm sorry. I wish there was, because I would be a happier person, with no need to spend all my money and time travelling to countries that do have good surf. But this is reality. If you're looking for waves, don't go to Turkey. However, if you are looking for CHOP, then have fun on your windsurfing adventures, but don't think that you will be hanging ten or getting barreled or even doing a bottom turn any time soon.

Por swimnpete@bluebottle.com , 12-04-2007

Surfing the Southern Coast - I live down near Adana/Mersin. I've found some rideable waves down here. If anyone is in the area and wants to surf or knows of some good spots please contact me.

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