Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Por Anonymous , 08-08-2009

Going to Fujairah - I'm going there to work and i'd like to know which board to take. which season is best...

Por Lils , 29-09-2005

can u rent boards - hello there,
i will only be in town for 2 weeks and i dont want to carry my board if i dont need to. are there surf shops that i can rent a board from...nothing fancy a typical 7 4 board will do the trick.


Por Goose , 17-02-2005

Flat in FEB 2005 - In the area for work during first week in FEB 05. Directions are good easy to find only 10 min walk up beach. Wrong time of year for swell and it showed 1/2 Ft.

Possible potential with swell as there is a small creek/drain running in next to the break wall which may supply sand for a bank? It would only be a short ride though! But better than Dubai.

Por chucker , 06-10-2004

UAE - does anyone know of any other spots in UAE?

Por AK47 , 20-01-2004

AK47 - If you want to surf this break bring your camel and your AK47!

Por jesus , 14-08-2003

i was der earlier - i surfed that brek in 45 bc on a sheep that was dead and had gone all stiff it was sik ass

Por Vasco da Gama , 03-04-2003

been there, done that - I surfed this break in 1486 on a bodyboard made from the inflated bladder of a giraffe. No shit.

Por Goldie Local , 20-11-2002

Gold Coast - Looks just like a break on the gold coast on a crap day.

Por wayen , 15-11-2002

nah - close out shoreys guys.

Por anonymous , 02-10-2002

no title - wow

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