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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Mill bay

USA, Alaska

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Por Anonymous , 07-02-2009

hahaha - you people think kodiak is a great place to surf?? what??...twice a year counts as 'a great surfing place' all the sudden?? wake up...there is NEVER waves that any of you can get to on the road system, let alone surf.

Por vrell69@yahoo.com , 17-06-2006

keep it going - i lived in kodiak for fifteen years,there were three of us and a school teacher who surfed.it is a reat place,and there are some good waves to be found.just start looking at some other places than the norm out of town,and you will be suprised at what you'll find.i hope to get back there myself soon.keep it up,and enjoy what you have,you are very lucky.

Por Tyler Hunt tylerhun@hawaii.edu , 12-01-2005

Who is still surfing in Kodiak? - I left Kodiak in 2001 to go to Hawaii, but I'm curious who is still surfing it. I knew of only a handful of people: Ryan Murdock, and Grant Walker were the crew I went with, then there was Luke Nyemeyer and his brother Nathan and a few of their friends, then I heard the Roses got into it a bit. But is Mark Blakeslee still around? I know he's got a lot of friends that do it too. Anyways, I'm going to be going there to surf over spring break I think and I'd be happy to meet up with anyone that rips on a shortboard and ride some new spots if you know of any besides the standard boneyards and mill bay and spruce cape and three mile area. And someone tell me how the surf has been.

Por tymefortea7@yahoo.com , 05-01-2005

hmm - i've lived in kodiak for almost six years now but really just started surfing six months ago. anyway i just saw the info on mill bay, but i was hoping to get more information about other breaks because i know mill bay is probably on the lower end. i was just out at the bone yard today checking it out, and i've been to fossil beach a while ago. i guess i'm little crazy giving up hawaii. i just got back from a six month stay there because i wanted to graduate here, but whatever. it's nice to have private waves.

Por Betty-Boop-Basher!!! , 08-03-2004

Dude, get a grip on yourselves! - All of ya'll need to chill out!! Kodiak is a great place to surf, whether you admit it or not. Your just to ignorrant and scared of losin' yer reputation to see that Kodiak is just as good a place to surf as any other place. And, point asside, you're just being a bunch of Kodiak-bashers to build your own self-esteem!!! Go pick on someone your own size, cuz Kodiak is just to BIG of a place for your attitude!!!!!!
Thanx for yer time and support to those of you helpin' Kodiak surfers along!!!!

Por lostsurfer03@yahoo.com , 16-09-2003

hang this - I moved from cali to kodiak..i thought my dreams of surf were over........i surfed some perfect 6-8 foot lefts at a spot a lil down from the buskin mouth..i now live in flat-as-hell texas where once or twice a year some hurricane will push up 15+ ft waves but i would like to hear from a local kodiak surfer email me @ Lostsurfer03@yahoo.com

Por anonymous , 15-09-2003

kodiak surfers are kooks!! - your a bunch of posers in a shitty little town with no real surfers. None of you can even paddle into a wave,let alone ride one(tip-bend at knees,not at the waist). So the next time you kooks talk about what cool surfers you are remember that you live on an east facing coast with almost no swell.

Por wav_slider@hotmail.com , 20-07-2003

moving to kodiak - i'm looking to move to Kodiak but can't do without regular surf. i've surfed all over the east coast and california... short and long board. anyway, other than the "gotta get a thick wetsuit or a drysuit" what's the frequency of good head high + waves near kodiak? beach breaks, points? boat in only?


Por aksurfer@ptialaska.net , 08-07-2003

Any Surfers in Anchorage? - Trying to find any surfers who frequent breaks on the kenai peninsula......or any info. on breaks out of Anchor Point, Homer or anywhere near Anchorage.
Thanks! Please contact me.

Por jamesvbrown@yahoo.com , 02-03-2003

Help - This is not related, but are there any mainland alaska surfers out there who want to surf this summer? I'm living in Soldotna fishing the Kenai in the summer, but I'de love to have someone to surf with in Seward or possibly Cordova. If you want to meet up, or know someone who does, or a sweet spot - or basically any info please write me: jamesvbrown@yahoo.com. Enjoy the waves in Kodiak.

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