Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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USA, California, LA County

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Por Anonymous , 19-04-2008

Where's the left? - It's described as a right and left; I didn't see a left when I went to check it out. I saw a few sort-of left breaking waves, but not really. I'm new to the area and scoping spots out; I moved here from San Diego.

Por Anonymous , 06-08-2007

sunset hmmm? - i live right up sunset and i used to surf here everyday and still do surf here when i wanna get a quick wave or two. with that said dont go to the point cause it only crowds the place. if you cant surf go somewhere on the inside or south (lifeguard ower, staircases).
the point can be super fun with a god size swell if you wanna just chill and get some relaxing waves.
ok ill prolly be strung up if the right people found out about what im about to say but the real place to surf at sunset "boneyards".

paddle past the point towards the jetty and youll see what i mean...only on a lower tide. id say 2ft or lower if the swell is no big deal. if its a bigger swell it doesnt conditions = lower tides good swell direction for sunset means good bones and those precious santa ana winds (offshores)
like the point, dont surf here if you suck...youll be notified most def...especially here its really heavy/breaks right at the rock wall/not to mention dodging dry rock. but id say getting a tubed is worth it.
go ahead try boneyard. ill see you there when its on

Por LA , 11-02-2007

Get you Hep-B Shot!! - I have surfed it only twice, got a sinus infection twice. Did not want to chance a third. Fun longboard wave, though.

Por CaffeineJunky6 , 15-07-2006

You've got to be kidding me-this place sucks! - I had heard all the raves about "Sunset is the BEST!" So I went and tried it. First of all, you have to climb over rocks just to get to the shore where there are more rocks (wear your flip-flops!), oh and then as you go out did I say there are more rocks? Yeah, the waves would have been sweet, but you're so busy trying to paddle through all of the crap in the water it's hard to catch one! I do not recommend Sunset, and I'm a longboarder!

Por DrC , 05-01-2006

Charthouse Point - Not a bad wave ... bit of a green roller in the middle, the point can get real hollow with sand buildup on the rocks ... better for the shortboard crowd. Will hold some size up to D/O. Medium vibe ... more of an intermediate spot ... too many people & rocks for beginners. Had some great nose rides across head high peaks the day after BIG WEDNESDAY 12/20/05.

Por anonymous , 02-12-2005

no shortboards - dont even think about bringing your shortboard LOL it's a longboarder's paradise out here

Por anonymous , 18-05-2005

it's ok... - usually just REALLY mushy and fickle. not really a hi performance wave, but it can get good. but like others have said, if it's good here, it's even better elsewhere. an ok point break that dissolves into an good beginners beach break. vibe's usually chill.

Por anonymous , 13-05-2005

WAT? - sunset i think is a perfect beginer spot i dont reeaally like it 2 much it realllly soft and has no shape, but it should be suitable.
and trust me..ull b better then 3/4 of the ppl out there...

Por anonymous , 10-01-2005

- Sorry, but there are no coral reefs here (or anywhere in Socal for that matter). The reef here is like sand-lined cobblestone, and like rocks on dry land, they do hurt if you fall on them. Especially when they're slippery. That said, this is a really good wave for beginners, but probably not a good idea on you first couple of sessions. There is too much too explain to someone who has never surfed before, but like someone else said, until these differences are apparent, you should spend your time at any of the endless miles of beachbreak in the LA/OC/SD. You can have all the space you want and there are no rocks. Enjoy!

Por c and a , 26-11-2004

rocky - it is very rocky and has shalowe coral reefs. i heard somebody got hurt the other day!

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