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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Ocean beach

USA, California, SF Marin

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Por Jew Jew Bee , 03-07-2004

Don't call ME cuz - How do black people talk?

Por anonymous , 10-06-2004

to mellow aussie - hey johnny, world relations is a bit more complex than a small minority of cocky surfers with bad attitudes. Then you aussies wonder why half the world thinks your stupid mate. .... Well, read what you just wrote .

Por anonymous , 08-06-2004

Tripple A - That is a long arrow mate. Pat the moderators down under on the back and maybe you will feel better by sundown.

Por A Mellow Aussie , 08-06-2004

Aggression Aggression AAArrrrggghhhh - Just clicked on wannasurf for the first time in ages. Surprise, surprise......as soon as you get into the North American spots it's just locals this, fuck off that, i'm tougher/surf better/wank harder than you etc etc. Ya wonder why half the world hates you......well read through these pages on u.s surfspots and you'll get a fair idea why......

Por el potro , 27-05-2004

Transilvania surf paradise - You gotta have big cojones to surf ocean beach when it's big,I lived on 39th and taraval for 15 years and when it was firing up you could see the white water from there,and that's like 10 blocks up the street,it's usually overcast,gray skyes,dark,the whole scenery its scary most of the time,you really have to love surfing or be dracula to surf here,so to all of you surfing vampires,keep on surfing cause its all about the waves.

Por Don't call ME cuz! , 24-05-2004

You guys all talk like you're black - Since when did white people talk like black people? Get a life, "cuz."

Por Jew Jew Bee , 23-04-2004

Its small and glassy - But shacking on the sand bar at Noriega. Tucked in to one before work. sick cuz...

Por anonymous , 20-04-2004

Whos's complaining - Who's complaining about OB? OB's sick. The whole war among the tribes is a total distraction. Surf as many places, in as many conditions as possible...SC, OB, and every place in between. They all sick cuz....

Por anonymous , 16-04-2004

Salsi Taco SC - If you like SC so much, please move back there. It makes no sense to complain about OB and speak longing of SC, when it's only 70 miles away. just move back, kook. Less people at OB, please...

Por lets have a little get together, shall we? , 09-04-2004

Well now, Grimy Grim - I think I'll just have a little bowling session with the big boyz, tell em it's time to put on their Hawaiian shirts for as little old time ass-whoopin'. If I were you, I'd watch your balls cuz ole 'Red Stitch' has got a way of tying them to the end of his 10 foot leash then paddling out in big surf with broken kid in tow.

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