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 Ocean beach

USA, California, SF Marin

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Por Micah Wood , 04-04-2002

so much fun!!1 - me, pops, and my bro surfed there i think on christmas, it was so fun out there on a 9'2" Gordon & Smith Teamryder. It was about double overhead+. pretty strong wave!

Por Ali G , 21-03-2002

Y'all know me...STILL the OPT. - was the sizzle ma nizzle? Jus the drizzle, ma grizzle. Me chizling with ma nizzling. You get ma drizzlin? Bo Selecta, 4 stap in da house!Do ya really like it? Is it, is it wicked?

Por anonymous , 21-03-2002

Paddle Out...Nope, getting in is the test - Lived on the great highway for a few years. While the paddle out can be extremely brutal. Trying to make it back to the beach after a 4 hour session is almost lethal.

Por anon , 06-03-2002

ob on a small day..... - on a small 5-6 foot day at ob i fractured my neck duck diving-that's the power of ob. people drown here every year and this winter a seasoned surfer died out here. if you paddle out here take it very seriously even on small days it will humble you...

Por anonymous , 12-02-2002

Tribute to Feb 11, 2002 - Wanted to throw my two cents in for Feb 11, 2002. Epic offshore conditions, 2bl to triple overhead, spitting left barrels at VFWs. If you like power, size, and shitloads of speed, this was the day. Peace to everyone out ripping that left at VFWs. Unreal.

Por Sheep Shagger , 28-01-2002

Better Waves In Wales - Hello Boyos...There is a wave in Wales (UK) that has a tougher paddle-out than Ob there is. It's name? Why it's Llangennith, of course...Tough on the ol' arms, it is. Can handle on on-shore too, it can. Terr-RA.

Por , 17-01-2002

Heavy beach break - Just got back from a week surfing there. Caught 2 days that were about 6 ft. with 8 ft. peaks, spitting barrels. Probably an 8.5/10 according to the locals.

I've surfed waves twice that size, but never in my life have I been worked as hard. I blew a big drop on a right and, after getting pitched over the falls, found myself on the ocean floor on my hands and knees in a sand and shell frappe. The wave tried to drive me into the sand like a railroad spike.

But the barrel I got on another right made the whole trip worth while.

It's hard to get out. Sometimes you get lucky and time it just right, other times you face 25 waves of whitewater one after another and there's not a damn thing you can do.

Each night I would eat everything in sight and have a continuous nasal flow from the depths of my skull.

Not for the faint at heart!!!

Por webmaster , 25-12-2001

Experience required - No kidding about the experience needed at OB: we've changed the rating to 'experienced' - thanks

Por Ed in Pacific Grove (formerly Manresa) , 24-12-2001

ALL SURFERS???!!!! - I find it naive at best, and murderous in some respects to call Ocean Beach a place for "All Surfers". I rode the Lane (S.C.) 2nd reef (over 15' - some called it 20') on my 10' Hansen (may it rest in peace) with Don Golden from Oakland riding his canoe. That was a cakewalk compared to 5'-6' Cliffhouse at Ocean Beach. I rode that place twice, and both times kissed the sand when I finally made it to the beach. It is the most difficult paddle out and the most difficult paddle in you will ever experience. You NEVER sit still and wait for waves - you scan, you paddle, you sprint. It is deceptively beautiful on offshore days. Beautiful like a Velociraptor. Don't forget (as mentioned in another message), this is where the Maverick's folks cut their teeth - along with Pedro Point (which you did a good job of camouflaging behind sloppy Pacifica beach). The current that feels like you are headed to Hawaii is not imaginary - it is influenced by the ebb under the Golden Gate - which is fueled by the largest river delta in California. I still wait for the day someone has the balls to get towed into the Potato Patch.

Por anonymous , 10-12-2001

Winter surf - If you have to wonder if you are ready for winter surf at Ocean Beach, SF, you are not ready. On any given day it will break from 3 feet to 20 feet plus, and people not familiar with it rarely do well from 8 feet up. Cold water, harsh longshore currents, the absolutely toughest paddle-outs per size anywhere, and genuine big wave feel requiring guns for smaller wave sizes than elsewhere. Out-of-towners beware - locals are totally cool, but you WILL get worked over by the waves.

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