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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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Por Martin , 10-05-2006

Seaside, Oregon or Pipe? - 2 totally different waves mate. i know, i've surfed em' both. pipe is the wave for surfers with a death wish...even at 6' pipe is SUPER DANGEROUS. i had a near death experience there myself so i know. got HAMMERED on a 10' wave there and had to be pulled out by some of those lifeguards (those guys are real pros, kudos to ya'll mates.) Seaside is heavy, but it's all about perfection, like not a drop of water out of place kind of perfection.... think of a reverse Kirra or J-Bay the water there is a bit cold, but only a tad bit colder than Santa Cruz, so that's not really much of a problem for anyone with a little 'cold water' experience. I'd reccomend surfing both at least once in your life.....they're both excellent waves.

Por anonymous , 06-05-2006

- locals arn't like that. I'm no local but live here and they been good to me, jus don't act like a jack ass. about surfboards... if your askin that kinda questian, better you dont surf that kinda wave.

Por beentheresurfedthat , 06-05-2006

Forget pipe...go to Seaside, Oregon - Look, I've been surfing my whole life. I've spent several winters on the North Shore, and it is indeed a special place....but now, with the ridiculous crowds out at pipe anytime the place breaks...it's just useless, unless you're a member of the pipe posse. I see a lot of people here posting about Seaside, Oregon and it's legendary point...and i can tell you: Seaside is actually the better wave. Bear with me for a second. At pipe, you're basically risking your life on any wave you take off on...6' pipe is super dangerous, you're basically taking off in front of dry reef. There will always be 200 guys out when it's breaking, and you will get snaked A LOT by the regulars. A good 2 hour session at pipe will net you 1-2 waves (if you're lucky.) Meanwhile, guys are getting shacked for 10+ seconds at Seaside with a crowded day being 15 guys out...and, when it's really pumping, rides so long that your legs will be feeling like noodles at the end of your ride. 2 different waves for sure, but in terms of HAVING FUN, Seaside is the place to be, hands down....and if you want juice, Seaside has plenty of that come Fall/Winter. You decide.

Por anonymous , 04-05-2006

Locals Please answer - How critical is the take of here i mean any 10tf wave has a critical take off, but how often are people getting pitched or cant get out of the lip on a big swell? will a longer board help get you in or is it pointless because the drop is too tight? and if you can surf well in decent size surf and you paddle out alone and are nice to people, are you likley to be told to fuck off? i mean are the locals just absolute fuckwits like iv herd?

Por anonymous , 01-05-2006

Summer? - hello im going to the north shore in the summer. I am no awesome surfer but i handle myself well in smaller surf. Is the north shore ridable during this time? What spots would be good? Is pipeline or sunset ridable then if id want to say i rode it and do the extreme dangers still apply with smaller conditions?

Por beentheresurfedthat , 27-04-2006

Good enough for Gerry Lopez - I see a lot of ppl talking about Seaside Point in Oregon here. Interesting, because i used to live in Portland and I surfed the Point every chance I got. Truth is, Seaside is 'world class' maybe even borderline 'epic.' The water is cold, but just a bit colder than Santa Cruz...and the locals are pretty cold too, although they've really chilled out since back in the day. You see, Seaside is a tourist town and they don't want ANYONE doing ANYTHING to tarnish the town's rep. Comparing it to pipe is a bit odd....i'd compare it to J-Bay, both in terms of wave quality and consistency. Oh yeah, for what it's worth.....If Seaside wasn't epic, why would the original pipe master himself move to Oregon and start surfing Seaside Point? Think about that. Truth is, Seaside is probably the best left on the mainland but it just hasn't gotten it's share of exposure because it's not next to San Francisco or LA.

Por Terry , 20-04-2006

Looks damn good to me... - Just checked out the pics of Seaside Point and the place sure does look epic. And, yes, i've heard all about the 'best lefthand pointbreak in North America.' Wouldn't compare it to pipe though....2 totally different waves there bud. Seaside Point looks like a reverse J-Bay...much less life threatening but a hell of a ride for a small to medium pipe surfer like myself. I've got relatives in the Northwest...I'll definately check the place out next time I'm over there (Fall for sure.) The thing that really got my attention was of all the pics of that place going off, I never saw more than a couple of guys out at a time! What a change from Pipe!!!

Por Stay high (and tight) , 19-04-2006

Good Weed? - Just checked out the photos of Seaside point. Your f*&^%$# kidding right! Pipeline vs Seaside Point. King Kong vs Elmo. It can't be just the cold. It must be good weed!!!
Three stars looks about right...

Por Jason , 17-04-2006

Damn!!! - I just checked out Seaside Point in Oregon (yes, i live in Hawaii....but i'm always looking for new, less crowded spots...) Damn!!! some of those pics just look SICK!!! Check it out, esp if you are a goofyfoot (like me!) It really looks world class. And that first picture is awesome, triple overhead and MACKING!!! plenty for a regular pipe surfer like myself! Next time i'm on the mainland i'm going to check the place out.....TOO GOOD TO PASS UP!!! Aloha, bros.

Por party boy , 13-04-2006

hi there - Me and about 35 mates have just started surfing, our budgets are fairly limited, i have a k-mart fomie, while some of my mates have maccas trays. Were not very good, and tend to get in peoples way a fair bit. Thanks for the directions guys, you'll see all of us out there next time it gets good, i'll be in the pink g-string.

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