Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Fire island - fairharbor

USA, North East, Long Island NY

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Por i live on long island , 18-01-2010

fire island fires - fire island sucks, for the most part. maybe like 5 percent of the fifty something miles of coastline is worth surfing. but its almost never gonna break right, and when it does, you will most likely not find these phantom sandbars, or it will be the middle of winter. good luck.

Por Anonymous , 29-10-2009

Local Knowledge - The sandbars here change almost every week. You gotta know the spots to surf here. Don't come here expecting to just find waves, you'll be out of luck. Go home kooks, or go to Jersey.

Por Anonymous , 10-03-2007

- jealousy thats all it is

Por Anonymous , 12-02-2007

- Well Fair Harbor is a really bad surf spot accept on those huge days when the entire island is breaking and the locals who think they own the place are full of shit because u can surf there all u want and no one is kicking u out hahaha locals think they are so tough.. they r like a little cult of pretty preppy boys who have no lives besides their 8 friends at fair harbor hahahaha

Por anon , 18-01-2007

you who dare to come - yo locals only out here. no renters and no day trippers. if you wanna surf fire island go down to ocean beach.

Por anonymous , 28-04-2006

bluejeans a kook - go back to the city your not a local you kook

Por anonymous , 21-11-2005

- fuck yo i used to surf this place all the time when it good its good for all u fuck do come here and think yourall good i will fucken rip u out of the water yea thats right

Por anonymous , 31-03-2005

- the waves at fire island do what bloked out local said about not breaking but it is gettin better and at low tide it will break pretty nice. it only does that at high tide wen the waves are small. you dont need at least a six foot wave for it to break because i went have surfed it wen it was only knee 2 waist high but i had to wait untill low tide for it to break but if they hadnt done the dredging then i think it wood break more and better.

Por anonymous , 30-03-2005

attn bluejean... - your home away from home? you kook! your a citiot who thinks your entitled to waves because you bought a house at the beach
get a life loser

Por anonymous , 23-03-2005

yeah - fair harbor is alright...i prefer atlantique...but when its crowded there fairharbors a good choice...i got a 11 footer there during a hurricane in sept. 04

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