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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 New Jersey

USA, North East

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Por Shawn , 03-05-2009

Moving to D.C. - Leaving my home break in SF, and it looks like Ocean City NJ is my closest spot to surf. Any thing I should know about surfing in NJ; an example - when you surf in LA you wear black or get ur ass pounded. How long do I need to sit on the shoulder before I take a wave. I'm assuming the pecking order is paddle boarder - boogie boarder - long boarder - body surfer and Short boarder at the top. Will my CA plates get me waxed? If I get hassled should I punch the dude or walk away? Are the hot wings really better on the east coast?

Por vinnie , 01-03-2008

the cove - was just at the cove last weekend took the dogs down waves were 3-4ft beach was dirty as hell lol


Por Anonymous , 27-05-2007

Good East Coast Board - I am moving to NYC from california and am trying to decide what board to bring out there. I don't have space to bring all of my boards...any suggestions on what people generally surf out there?...I am totally clueless! I have a Flyer II that I would love to use as my main board but it is really horrible for mushy waves.

Por Ben , 02-09-2006

Charity Fund-Raiser Party - The web-site for our party is www.september-swell.com and we are interested in targeting NY, and New Jersey surfers. The event is being sponsored by Woodshed films, and in addition to a silent auction with great items, there will be free items as well from our various sponsors. The bar will be open at the party(hence the ticket price) and we will show a film by Chris Malloy. In addition, Chris himself will be present to show this new film preview. All proceeds are going to our charity, and all funds will be used to further education progress in Micronesia. This event takes place the night of September 6th,

Por Anonymous , 03-08-2006

Where to surf? - Im coming to NJ for vaca and am looking for good places to surf. Anyone know any? Also, where can I rent a board?

Por Anonymous , 19-06-2006

to GG of Jersey - Jersey sucks, come to Guam for real waves

Por Anonymous , 07-06-2006

NJ - Surfs up in New Jersey, should be more like surf sucks in New Jersey. Have fun on your knee-highers

Por Anonymous , 07-06-2006

NJ locals are poor - New Jersey locals are POOR!!!!!!! I'm surprised they even have enough money to buy a surfboard.

Por Anonymous , 07-06-2006

Can Jersey kids spell their own name correctly? - The fag that wrote "PA blows" cant even spell Philly correctly. They probably don't teach kids that kind of stuff in those slower lower Jersey schools.

Por I'll kick your ass pigdog , 07-06-2006

watch out!!! - I bet William "Pigdog" Penn enjoyes a nice big dick up his ass!! Better watch out though, he has a badass nickname. What the fuck kind of a nickname is pigdog????

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